simple pleasures :)

August 16, 2011

seriously, i am blown away.


as i mentioned a bit ago, our washing machine bit the dust. which just blows. i’ve been doing laundry @ my mom’s but that’s definitely not sustainable. i haven’t been sure what we would do, lacking the funds for a new purchase but obviously needing something.

today, a dear friend emails me a posting from craigslist – a used washer for $60. crazy good deal! but, hubby and i are not appliance-savvy and would have no idea if we were buying a lemon. so, this same sweet friend has a hubby who is a professional handyman – uber skilled in so many things beyond my comprehension. so i ask her if he might take a look @ the washer and let us know what he thinks, since the person selling it lives right near our friends.

well, not only does her hubby go TODAY, check out the washer, BUY it for us … he then insists on DELIVERING it to us (we don’t have a truck) and helping my hubby install it.

how can i even say how THANKFUL, how blown away, how STOKED i am as i sit here listening to loads of laundry getting washed?!

and i didn’t even mention that this washer is absolutely impeccable; it looks brand-new, and the owners were moving and just needed to get rid of it.

total wow.


3 Responses to “simple pleasures :)”

  1. jani Says:

    God takes care of us so well!
    As a mother who had many, Many washing machine issues over the years, I’m VERY happy for you.

  2. liz Says:

    Our term for these moments is “tender mercies of the Lord.” Every day has them, but we usually have to remember to look for them. This one was a big one, and hallelujah, because a mama needs a washer! Also, a reminder that the Lord blesses us, but it is very often through another person, so blessings for your generous friends.

  3. Krystle Says:

    HE always provides!!! 🙂

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