skin & eggs

August 23, 2011

crazy title, i know. but, such is life for us this week … our sweet boy’s skin became unbelievably dry last week.

{when he was about 10 weeks old, i noticed times of ezcema-like allergic skin reactions (red rash, raised bumps). they would pass quickly and then that area would often become dry/flaky … then back to “normal”. i feared ezcema and/or food allergies … we are dealing already w/those so intensely in our family and i thought, ‘why, LORD??’.}

all the while, when seeing those blotchy skin reactions on josiah,  i began having a little niggling that my egg consumption might be the culprit. just a wondering and a thought.

so last week he became SO dry, it was heart-breaking. following my instinct, i cut out eating eggs (i’d eaten many that previous weekend). we began slathering him multiple times a day with pure african shea butter.

i am SO thankful and happy to say that his skin is *much* better today … still some dry patches but overall, soo much better.

i am staying away from the eggs and we’ll continue to slather him with oils as needed. bless his little heart.


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