super easy, yummy lunch (lime chicken)

August 27, 2011

i used what we had on hand today (2 thawed boneless/skinless chicken breasts, limes, feta cheese, cooked brown rice, spinach) to make our lunch today. hubby said it should go on the ‘bowls’ menu so i figured i should write it down so i don’t forget it!! 🙂

:: i put the 2 chicken breasts in a flat bowl and poured a lot of lime juice over them, as well as real sea salt, pepper, and onion salt.

:: i warmed olive oil in a pan, added some minced garlic, and put the chicken in to cook.

:: when i turned the chicken over, i seasoned the other side with the salt, pepper, onion salt. i squeezed more lime juice over the top, and covered the pan with a lid.

:: i think the cooking time was less than 10 minutes total.

:: i heated up some brown rice in our separate bowls and put some chopped up chicken on top.

:: in the pan used for chicken, i added a bit more olive oil and big handfuls of spinach (with a dash of salt). i cooked this for a few minutes, then added the spinach to the chicken bowl.

:: i sprinkled feta cheese on me and hubby’s bowls as well as another squeeze of lemon juice.



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