first food :)

September 2, 2011

josiah has *definitely* started showing interest in what we are eating these days. i began to revisit the decision about what food(s) to start feeding him, and when.

my initial, idealistic-mama goal was to wait to introduce anything until after 6 months. he is a champ breast feeder, and i know his nutritional needs are being more than met with breast milk.

however, his interest in food + his sleepless nights got me to considering trying something, a little sooner. as my dear friends and family encouraged, there  is no “right” way that is the only way to proceed in feeding our babies. i don’t want to be so attached to some ideal that i don’t give myself grace and freedom in this beautiful journey!

after a coffee date with heather last week, i reread much of the fabulous book, “super baby food” i decided that his first foods would be banana, avocado and sweet potato. in no particular order, and only one a time …

so on monday, iwas eating a banana and josiah was watching every.little.bite. with his mouth longingly open. i decided – let’s do it! maddie was ecstatic. i broke off a piece, mushed it up with some water and fed him a few bites. he loved it and wanted more!

(( is there anything more precious than a baby’s first bites!? and their novice tongue pushing the food right back out, drool and food pouring out?!  LOVE IT.))




One Response to “first food :)”

  1. Look at how into it he is! I love it!

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