5 months!

September 3, 2011

such a happy baby!!!

our little man is growing … so perfectly, happily, deliciously (is that a word?)

some highlights:

:: lately, when in my arms falling asleep, he will chuckle and giggle when he is literally almost asleep. either that or grin, through his paci, eyes closed, nearly asleep. love.

:: speaking of sleep – there isn’t much happening here. like, at all. last night i saw every hour on the clock, starting at midnight … 1, 2, 3, 4am … you get the picture. i am so OVER thinking about it, talking about it, trying to figure out what to do. i am just tired. bone tired.

:: i had a dear friend who i see only periodically, tell me this morning that although i seem “great and happy”, i also seem “drained” and not as “peppy” as usual. wow. reality-check to hear it from a friend.

:: we started real food – bananas! he is loving it. i think we’ll start either avocados or sweet potatoes next week.

:: he is so HAPPY. just, happy. he rarely cries (well, except if it’s dark out, lol). he smiles, laughs, hangs out. he does like attention!

:: speaking of laughing, he has some definite ticklish spots. i “eat” under his chin and on his sides, and he erupts in giggles! love love love!

:: he is still in his daily rhythm of sleep – eat – wake time … cycling usually every 3 hours.

:: he is noticing “strangers” and has let out cries of distress when a strange face tries to talk with him. this happened at food 4 less last week – a well-meaning older woman came over as i was about to check out. he’d been super happy in his car seat – in the cart – for the entire shopping trip. i’d been having fun talking with him, laughing, kissing those irresistible feet. so, i’m about to load the groceries on the conveyor belt and she comes over, commenting on his adorable toes, etc. all of the sudden, his face dissolves in tears and he begins to cry. big tears. sad, big pucker lip. she looks at me and says, “looks like the fun is over.” yep, thanks to you, it is. thankfully i’d brought the baby bjorn and held him on me while loading up and bagging the groceries – fun. lol.

:: josiah and daddy have taken a few walks this week … dad holding him front-facing the baby bjorn (we love the bjorn!), strolling around the neighborhood. they love it. 🙂

:: his sense of hearing is really sharp – it’s almost funny at times how he’ll jump from the slightest sound. he will immediately respond to his name, and turns in the direction of any sound in the room.

:: our little scooter/mover gave me a big scare this week: we were at friends for dinner, he was asleep in his car seat so i had put him in a back bedroom, in the car seat on the floor with blankets under. i heard him wake up and came in to find that he was *out* of the car seat, on his belly, on the floor. i was horrified and even now feel soo sick about it, but hubby has assured me that he is not injured. lol. bottom line: he moves, he won’t stay in one place, so he can’t safely be left unsupervised in “high” places. period!

:: his main “activities” during the day include playing on the floor (on a blanket) with toys surrounding him (although he quickly turns to his belly and the fun lasts about 10 minutes); bouncy seat – he’ll play with the toys hanging over the seat; the swing – again, toys hanging keep him grabbing and entertained for a bit.

he is a gift and a total love. thank you, LORD!

{ i am taking pics on the same quilt each month, so here are the 5 month shots}:

he held still - for a second!

rollin, rollin ...

brother and sister = love!!


One Response to “5 months!”

  1. Stacy Says:

    He. is. adorable!

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