classroom preparation?

September 5, 2011

i had a really lovely, intense, thought-provoking conversation with one of my favorite relatives this weekend.

the subject: homeschooling.

this can be a heavy, tricky conversational path, as we often come in to the discussion with our various passions, paradigms and perspectives.

we talked about my plans for this schooling year — about the subjects and studies and activities and courses. so much to discuss and share, as we’ve got a lot planned!

and then she asked a fabulous question: what will happen when maddie is in college?

will she be prepared to handle a classroom setting?

{it was a beautiful, honest question … one that may have, in the past, triggered that rise in me of pride? or defensiveness? or something. that gross something. embarrassing but just keeping it real.}

on this day, i had this sweet, peaceful clarity … and i answered by bringing up her own grown child. i shared that at his place of employment, he likely does not work with a group of same-age peers, but more likely must interact with co-workers of varying ages … 23-65 year olds, for instance.

that is life.

similarly, the construct of educating our children in artificially contrived groups of same-age peers is just that: artificial.

if my job and ambition is to train my girl to do well in a classroom, then my job is done. she can and i have full confidence that she will.

however, if my job is to train my daughter for life … well, my work is just beginning.


2 Responses to “classroom preparation?”

  1. Love that! I can relate to that sort of conversation…AND…I was just talking with my husband yesterday about the fact that we are doing more than simple ‘education’, we are DISCIPLING our son in the ways of Christ…shaping His character (which involves things that are ‘very’ connected to a career) and educating Him with the things Jesus thought important…which includes being a good provider for your family, but always keeping Him first in ALL things.

    It is difficult but beautiful how God can work things out in us and in our family and friends through innocent questions. I know that those types of questions have forced me to think of things that I had not yet considered, but I know that having an answer is as important (or more so) for me as it is for the person asking. I hope that makes sense.

    I love your response, and I think it IS such a great point that when people are working in careers, they are never with a group of all the same age…and independent learning and working are even more important after school!

    Thanks for sharing your story my friend!


  2. Jessica Says:

    Well said friend. It feels so great to be able to respond the way you did. Yes, we are only just beginning. 🙂

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