first day of 6th grade :)

September 8, 2011

maddie got the table ready for journal-making and crafting!

my girl!

one more, without blinding sun 🙂

we had a really good first day.

in keeping with our tradition, we have crafty journal-making for our first week. we decorate journals for every subject (and then some!). but first, we go to our local donut joint for the best donuts ever. 🙂

after donuts, we made beautiful journals (pics to come!) and some fun bookmarks. michele, our “educational specialist” from LOGOS stopped by for an hour mid-day.

the rest of the week holds more crafty creations as we ease in to schooling. friday is our homeschool co-op kickoff day – yay!

next week we dive in deep to much more structured learning … and honestly, both of us are pretty excited. we are learning a LOT this year and it’s gonna be good.


2 Responses to “first day of 6th grade :)”

  1. home2learn Says:

    and i forgot to mention a very cool highlight: josiah was an angel and his schedule, amazingly, was totally in sync w/our day. he napped while we crafted, hung out happily when awake, and feeding times fell right when we needed a break or something else needed to be done. sweet!!

  2. Okay, Maddie looks SO GROWN UP here! Hope you two have a great year 😉

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