cry it out gone wrong

September 13, 2011

last night i decided – he is going to cry – this is ridiculous! it was 9pm, he’d been fed (fully), changed, swaddled, and was so tired. every time i laid him down, he cried. so i let him cry.

for maybe 4 minutes. 4 eternal minutes.

and you know what? it was POINTLESS. he escalated more and when i picked him up, he was so amped and hysterical that he spent several minutes doing some wind-down crying.

and i thought – done. because really? all it want is peaceful rest. wherever that can happen.

i am weary of the several-times-each-night routine of assessing: hungry or not? pick up or not? rock, walk, soothe, sway, nurse (and repeat) … only to put him in his crib (the coveted goal, for some reason!?) and have him wake and repeat an hour or 2 later.

i have had several people tell me that it’s time to “sleep train” and i’ve been in total agreement. but we have mitigating factors that complicate the picture for us: for starters, josiah’s skin is bothering him. it’s breaking my heart, we are running fast toward solutions, and yet the reality for now is that he is itching (pretty bad) and we have to keep “mits” on his hands so that he doesn’t scratch his scalp really raw. inevitably, the mits come off (and the pacifier comes out) when he is wrestling around, fussy and rolling in his crib. argh.

next, i have a super, uber tender hubby who (i think) really prefers our boy with us, in our bed.

his point: we all sleep better. and really, we do. my sleep is not flawless, for sure … but compared to the up-and-down many times all night routine, it’s better.

for now, that may be our plan. we’ll see. i am remembering that this season of sleepless deliriousness is fleeting … it won’t last forever. (right? right?! lol).



4 Responses to “cry it out gone wrong”

  1. I remember Renee telling me that Logan’s skin was always itchiest at night. So hard.

    I agree though–whatever works for JOSIAH is ultimately the best solution.

  2. krystlebowen Says:

    Poor little guy 😦 Hope you can find relief soon for his skin. I agree, until you know he isn’t in pain, the CIO thing should wait.

  3. Leaves Heal Says:

    Found this:
    “Cod liver oil given to infants after birth and during the first year had no protective effect against type 1 diabetes but it nevertheless is an important source of nutrients for optimal infant health.22 In more than forty trials, vitamin A has been shown to reduce morbidity and mortality of children.25 Cod liver oil was the supplement of choice in many of these trials. Books on feeding infants published in the 1930s and 1940s routinely recommended cod liver oil, starting with 1 teaspoon at the age of three weeks. It was Dr. Spock who threw this wisdom out the window by recommending vaccinations instead of the powerful nutritional support of cod liver oil. Few modern books on infant care mention the importance of the fat-soluble nutrients in this wonderful superfood.”
    @ this site:
    Learn more:
    Just wrote this bit on it myself:

    I’ve had babies on it pretty young– not while breast-feeding, but in hind-sight, I wish I had.


  4. Stacy Says:

    Oh, Emily~ my heart goes out to you on this one. This is such a challenging thing. I always felt so pulled (by every logical, reasonable argument from so many people!) and yet it was so difficult for me to do. With Audra (now 2 1/2) I tried the cry-it-out thing…. and finally I relented and just gave it up entirely. I came to the point where it was just not worth it. She didn’t like it, I didn’t like it, and I could never fully convince myself that that was best. So I chose instead to be joyful in that season of extra cuddles and her-in-my-arms and to treasure those times– even though I was exhausted for nearly two years. It was worth it. I’m so glad I did it that way. And I keep thinking: “I’ll be so better off if we ever have another child because this time I’m not even GOING THERE (to the cry-it-out method). I’m just going to hold and love and feel freedom to do just that. Anyway. I just wanted to say that because few people do. And *especially* if your husband thinks you should keep him with you. Do it. Trust your man and treasure those sweet times with your little guy that are so very fleeting, and smile in the face of those who might argue otherwise. 🙂 I wish I had so much earlier than I did.
    Love to you!

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