“colorful and bright”

September 15, 2011

this is how madison described her life tonight. incredible! she was selecting a book to read, from 2 fabulous choices, and said that the one sounded “colorful and bright- like my life”. i love that.

and indeed and truly, things feel that way … particularly in our learning spaces and times. homeschooling is just FLOWING … and a million little “yes” confirmations are everywhere, and again and deeply, i know this is the path for our family. and i thank GOD we can be walking this path, right now.

the external “systems” are being put in place and those feel good (schedules and rhythm in our days); beyond that,  i am experiencing the fruit of my internal orientation and focus. because truly, my eyes fixed on my LORD,  determined to sit at the feet of my Savior, seek Him and His Word, discipline diligently, love lavishly and with grace … these things make our days. (and un-make our days, when they don’t happen.)

i was spoiled, refreshed and encouraged by a mama’s homeschool retreat that 2 dear friends hosted this past weekend.  cozy seating, hot coffee, amazing and inspiring women, deep and heartfelt discussion – some of my favorite things! but the best part was the FOCUS: keep our eyes on Him. remain in His Word. first things first. i left with renewed vision and inspiration.

here are a few pics of some of the fun things we made together during our crafting extravaganza last week!

we love how our journals turned out!

so, speaking of beauty. words can’t describe how much this little cabinet has enhanced my life!! prior to this little nifty creation, i had an exploding (eye sore) “table” that held much of our homeschooling books and supplies. i cringed every time i looked at it – sitting central in our main space. SO, i found this little cabinet, hubby sweetly put it together, and it’s felt SO good to put our things inside (and then close the door!!).  little things, right?!

and on top, one of our special craft creations from last week: hand prints of maddie and josiah. love! we also did foot prints.


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