blackberry crumble

September 20, 2011

my mama and i had fun yesterday, pushing josiah in the stroller as we took a long walk from her home to a nearby neighborhood that has some fabulous blackberry bushes. the weather was warm, the sun felt great, and we walked and talked and picked berries and talked some more. i love hanging w/my mama! 🙂  we came home with stained fingers, lots of pricks and scrapes, and 2 containers of juicy berries. yum.

last night, i made a little crumble with the berries – it seems like “dessert” but honestly is so healthy and nutritious. my kind of treat!

here’s what i did:

:: cover bottom of baking dish with berries, and squirt lemon juice on top

in bowl, mix:

:: about 1/3 c of melted coconut oil

:: big squirts of raw honey

:: a few tsp-ish of molasses

:: maybe 1/3 c brown rice flour

:: rolled organic oats, mixed in until mix is wet but still crumbly

:: lots of cinnamon

:: about a tsp of real sea salt

put this crumbly mix over the berries; bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.

this is linked in kelly the kitchen kop’s real food wednesday blog carnival!



3 Responses to “blackberry crumble”

  1. jaw123456 Says:

    Sounds wonderful!!! I miss fresh berries 🙂

  2. Leaves Heal Says:

    OOH, that sounds good! Time to go berry-picking!!! 😀

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