happy 6 months, my boy!!!

October 7, 2011

i cannot believe my precious lovebug is 6 months … incredible. (he was 6 months this past sunday so i’m a few days behind here … )

he is truly a joy … a happy baby, who is becoming more adorable and squishy and perfect each day. 🙂

some highlights:

:: he is a total mover … put him down, look up 30 seconds later, and he is across the room. he gets up on his hands and knees, or hands and feet, and rocks forward … he rolls, scoots, rolls some more.  if he sees something he wants, he is there.

:: he got his first tooth yesterday!! so exciting to feel that little tooth poking through.

:: he is so sound-sensitive and gets totally tickled (literally!) by silly noises. scratch your throat, “pop” your mouth … you name it, he’ll immediately stare and giggle.

:: hubby is sure he said “dada” last week … maybe it was more of “thlathlathla” but close!

:: his usually hang out spots are the exersaucer (the best, most long-lasting as far as keeping him entertained). he loves to be on the floor but again, moves so fast that he is way beyond just ‘laying on a blanket.’  he will hang out in the swing and bouncer, with plenty of toys, for a few minutes. and the bumbo? not so much. once in a while.

:: he has tried many foods this month! we started bananas first just before he turned 5 months. in the following few weeks, we introduced sweet potato and avocado … then in the past 2 weeks, carrot, peaches, peas and brown rice cereal. his fave so far? rice cereal mixed w/bananas. yummmo!

:: i typically feed him midday and again, for sure, in the evening.

:: a bedtime rhythm has just emerged, and he is now definitely ready for bed between 7-8.  i typically breastfeed him a while before that, then feed some food, then give him a bath … in the kitchen sink, fun! … then lotions and jammies and bedtime.

:: ah, bedtime. sleeping. sleep training. no comment. lol.

:: we saw his doctor this week -love her! what a thorough, helpful appointment. she confirmed he is developing right on. she commented again on how aware he is – super duper engaged. he weighs 16 1/2 lbs, and his height is in the 75th percentile – can’t remember right now how many inches exactly. long and lean, that’s my boy.

:: he still loves front-facing in the baby bjorn and will happily hang there for a long time.

:: he has these ticklish spots on his back and tummy that produce the most adorable giggles!

:: he has lost a lot of hair … will be interesting to see what grows back.

:: he has discovered his voice – sometimes alarmingly so!! like … screaming!! haa haa. he actually is a little hoarse this week which had us wondering a bit about why but we called the dr who said likely some larynx irritation or virus … it will pass. in the meantime, it’s not stopping him from hollering, doing his little ‘fake coughs’, and talking. my boy!

ok, here’s his “6 month picture” on the same quilt … i’ll have to do a montage of each month’s pics soon, to see his growth.


One Response to “happy 6 months, my boy!!!”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    Beautiful little man, Emily 🙂
    Congrats on the bedtime rhythm! That’s positive progress– celebrating that w/ you 🙂

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