“comfy tea”

October 13, 2011

my dear friend, shawnna,  made this amazing drink when we went to their house recently. i couldn’t get enough and have been craving it ever since. i finally made a big batch after she generously brought me key ingredients: flat fir bough tips (no kidding) and comfrey (leaves, stem and flowers).

so here’s what i did – her recipe, and i likely left out some of her ingredients, but it turned out SO good!

:: steep the fir bough tips and comfrey pieces in 2 separate glass jars w/boiling hot water … i left for a few hours. strain both in to a single large jug/pitcher.

:: in another big pitcher, mix a can of coconut milk w/water, then add lots of cinnamon and some nutmeg.

:: pour fir/comfrey tea mixture in to the pitcher of coconut milk (i had about equal parts coconut milk mix and tea mix).

:: add a generous amount of honey.

:: stir, and serve … i like it cool but it’s great warm as well.  shawnna knows the many health benefits of the tea ingredients – what i know is that it’s delish!! 🙂


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