October 24, 2011

i went for a walk this evening with my little man as the afternoon was fading to evening, and the brilliant colors of fall were everywhere. i had him in the baby bjorn, facing the world … and as we walked, my mind was full of thoughts about his dedication at church this morning. it was beautiful, special and big.

i thought about our deep desire for our son, as shared by the pastor to our congregation this morning: we long for our boy to be obedient to GOD. one of the verses we shared for his dedication included the example of king josiah, whose life was marked by obedience: immediate, total, unwavering. oh, how i pray for our josiah to love the LORD and obey Him all his life.

as i thought about these things, i had this moment of clarity in my spirit, and a question sat before me: what does obedience look like for you, mama? and just as quickly, the answer came:

fear Him only.

“the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” (proverbs 9:10)

fear and worry can really be a struggle for me. and yet, i am called to fear NOTHING but Him … the One Who gives and takes away. let me have a right perspective, focusing and fixating not on earthly maybe’s but on the Eternal I AM.

i shared this with a dear friend tonight and she asked the question, what are we fearing above Him? we, as women, can fear many things … but we are called to fear only One and trust Him for all the others.


3 Responses to “obedience”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    Love to you, Mama… Our Father is worthy of our fear… and yet, is still our Nursing Mother: El Shaddai.

  2. Have you read Angie Smith’s new book What Women Fear? I want to read it so badly–I requested that the library get a copy, and I really hope they do!

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