odds and ends

November 2, 2011

a few things from my corner of the world these days …

:: we don’t “do” halloween but had fun at a few local festivals this past weekend … the trunk or treat at our church was super fun. we brought mylia, and met mom there. the girls were so cute!


:: as the pictures above show, the leaves changing are utterly *glorious* this year! the fall weather has been sublime … clear, sunny afternoons with a touch of cool lingering. love.

:: hubby has been asked to write a piece to appear in the washington post – go babe! it should come out this week – can’t wait to see his article in print.

:: speaking of my favorite guy, he is racing … his national org is “exploding” … they have events with CNN this weekend in portland, long island and silicon valley. in a few weeks, they have an event at rutgers university (www.blackinnovation.org). *very* exciting times. thank GOD!

:: the newness of the schooling year has worn off, the excitement of our tanzania project passed, and i was feeling a need to infuse something new and to reinforce something old. so, i’ve reprinted maddie’s “chore chart” to keep her (and me) on track for her daily chore expectations. i added some new things to our weekly schedule {some daily journaling with prompts; looking through some lovely and inspiring catalogs about birds; starting a new spelling program, incorporating some arts}.

:: the best addition to our daily schedule has been her scripture writing on the subject of fear. interestingly (or not), this is a struggle for mama and is resurfacing as a struggle for my girl. i hate it. respecting her privacy i will not share details here, but suffice to say that we are seeking victory in this area!! and we serve the Victory-giver! i am having her look up the verse, write it in her bible journal … then together we create a beautiful page, decorated with the verse. monday she did isaiah 41:10.

:: josiah is, quite honestly,  BEYOND the sweetest most precious little boy ever. he is just so GOOD, so adorable, and so fun. each day brings more joy, more laughs, more gratitude. i can’t believe he will be 7 months tomorrow! (post w/updates and highlights to come).

:: shifting major gears (!), the sleep thing continues to be a serious nightmare (no pun intended, lol). after several days of intense and agonizing sleep training, it became obvious that he was experiencing some physical discomfort that prevented me from feeling comfortable letting him cry. since then, it’s gone downhill. he literally wakes up every 1 – 1 1/2 hours. last night i laid him down at 6:30 (he was totally sleepy and ready for bed) and he woke every hour until i hit a wall, 10:30ish, and brought him to bed w/me. when he wakes, he rolls over to his back, loses his pacifier, and begins to scream loudly, while rubbing/scratching his head/neck voraciously. it’s the *worst*. it’s obviously poor sleep habits but something else? today when we were at his ped (for maddie’s allergy testing) i had her check his left ear, since he seems to mostly rub that side. it’s all clear. his swollen glands we’ve been feeling? yep, there and normal. nothing physical she could see. i’ve even tried benadryl – no effect. so, back to square one. i am so weary and told hubby i feel like i’m just on call 24-7, there is no reprieve and has been no uninterrupted moment in my life for 7 months. which sounds complaining but is just keeping it real.

:: we all LOVE taking a bath with our boy! seriously, it’s just so *sweet*. if he is upset or itchy or whatever, being in the water immediately calms him. and for us, it’s just so yummy and lovely. it’s usually me or hubs but last week maddie got in on the fun. look how cute:


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