pumpkin cocoa raisin coconut bread :)

November 4, 2011

i have to say, i was pleasantly surprised by how good this tasted!  it was an impulse throw-together, inspired by the pumpkin i had baked yesterday (and then scraped the insides out, pureed and served to josiah. made me wonder why i ever bought canned pumpkin?? it’s so easy to make the same from scratch, for cheap).

so, the bread. this was mildly sweet but could also be a good breakfast bread, or muffin. i made a mini-batch just to test out the ingredients so this makes only a small loaf  – i will definitely double or triple next time.

pumpkin cocoa bread

mix dry ingredients:

:: 1/2 c flour (regular or i used 2 parts brown rice to 1 part tapioca starch, and 1 part millet flour + a few spoonfuls of xanthum gum)

:: 1/4 c sucanat (or any sweetener)

:: 1/2 tsp both baking soda and baking powder

:: generous sprinkles of cinnamon

:: a dash of nutmeg

mix wet ingredients:

:: egg “replacer” (we are egg-free now so i use equal parts baking powder, water and olive oil)

:: olive oil (probably about 1/4 c) – would have used coconut oil but we’re out

:: 1/4 c pumpkin puree

add all ingredients together. add large handful of raisins, a few spoonfuls of unsweetened coconut. add more olive oil if needed until moist but thick.

bake at 350 for 25 minutes.








One Response to “pumpkin cocoa raisin coconut bread :)”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    Awesome! That sounds great– ‘gotta try it! 🙂

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