gratitude and contentment

November 5, 2011

i was just feeding josiah his favorite – split pea soup. he eagerly dove in to every bite. his sister sat next to him at the table, eating her bowl of soup.

at one point, josiah looked at her and began to protest loudly – seeing her eating and hollering to have some.

the funny thing was, his spoonful was right in front of his face.

he just wasn’t looking.

i thought, how often do i miss contentment in MY life, because i am comparing myself and looking to another?

sure, josiah’s soup wasn’t exactly the same as his big sister’s … his was pureed and without the chunks of ham … but his was good and perfect for him.

“but godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1 timothy 6:6


2 Responses to “gratitude and contentment”

  1. Love everything about this!

  2. Leaves Heal Says:

    LOL– I remember nursing my first baby, and listening to screaming as I desperately tried to get the nipple into the open mouth… a nightmare that lasted for months… but one of the best lessons in how much El Shaddai (Powerful Breast) loves us, and wants to give us the best and most perfect food… while we, at times, scream for it, and refuse to “latch on.”

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