happy 7 months, my boy!

November 6, 2011

i can’t believe my little man is SEVEN months old. that feels … old! he is growing up.

he is as sweet as ever … truly, a happy boy.

some highlights these days:

:: he loves hands, feet, and anything that is electronic/lights up/makes noise. he especially loves (read: is obsessed with) passing cars. if we are doing anything and a vehicle drives past, he stops and completely fixates on it until it’s out of sight.

:: he is a serious eater! i have pretty much open the floodgates of what i am “allowing” … this week, he LOVED pureed red lentil soup and split pea soup. the other day i gave him a big hunk of cooked, super soft sweet potato as he sat in his high chair. he had a blast, grabbing chunks and eating it. a LOT of it. this was after a bowl of soup and some bananas. yowzers.

:: i am working out his adjusting schedule. he’d been on a pretty tight eat-awake-sleep every 3.5 hours … but all that’s flipped upside down now that we are doing 3 food meals a day, plus breastfeeding. i am offering nursing before every meal (sort of) then the food. Β it’s been kind of scattered most days, though, since let’s say he has lunch at noon … by 3:30-4ish he is ready again but it’s kind of early so i might nurse a bit then feed some food about 5ish. (it feels pretty in flux which is not my favorite feeling … will be glad to move in to something more predictable. but that’s just for me; he is FINE and thriving!)

:: he is a total crawler/mover/scooter/roller. he stays nowhere for more than 2 seconds. he can get anywhere and when he spots something he wants, he is there in seconds.

:: he is just so stinkin FUN! laughing, expressive, hilarious.

:: he is super sound-sensitive. maddie will play with him; she’ll go in her room and make even the slightest sound that he likes (clicking or whistling or whatever) and he’ll stop and turn in the direction of the sound. always. crazy.

:: he is almost sitting … for a few seconds then will sort of topple over πŸ˜‰

:: this month was his dedication which was so special. i had been kind of nervous that morning about how he’d do with the pastor as he’s been totally reacting to strangers. so, we met in the foyer before the service and sure enough, josiah completely puckered and sobbed when the pastor talked to him. ahh! so, the coolest thing … josiah fell asleep. right before they called us up, and just long enough, so that he only barely woke when our pastor held and prayed over him. pastor shared that he’d prayed that josiah would fall asleep! very cool.

:: have i shared that he has the cutest 2 lower front teeth!? oh my. nothing cuter.

:: sleeping. not even gonna go there. it’s just bad. worse than bad. and again i am like … i need to re-try some sleep training, before he gets so much older. but then there are nights like last night, when he snuggled with mama and we both slept pretty darn good.

:: i just asked maddie what she would say about her brother this month and she said, “he is so much fun!”

indeed. πŸ™‚

crawling away πŸ™‚


One Response to “happy 7 months, my boy!”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    ‘Gotta grab those pix fast LOL! He’s movin’ πŸ™‚
    Beautiful little man!

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