November 28, 2011

seeing my brother after a long 6 months

his perseverance and enjoyment of culinary school

thanksgiving at grandma’s … every year

the comfort of being at her house

having the most delicious food prepared by mostly everyone else

grandma’s turkey and stuffing – nothing better!

the ease and comfort of family

our crawling, scrumptious boy

who was happy in his playpen while we ate 😉

being able to host a fun birthday gathering for my mama the next day

the sun shining during our party

mom being spoiled with fun gifts and treats

maddie’s sister-friend, mylia

who is like family, still, after all these years

this mama getting to take those 2 girls to the movie

without josiah!

for daddy’s gracious encouragement that i go to the movie

 my girl’s excitement at preparing mylia’s gift

telling me that she loves loves to give gifts the most

sweet fruit

being able to worship with our church body sunday morning

for the love of good friends

who show us HIS love so abundantly


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