baby food tray puree :)

December 1, 2011

i am finally getting with the program on baby food making!

i make most of josiah’s food – it’s easy, frugal and satisfying for me as a mama. { i also absolutely keep organic jars of food on hand because that is just what’s needed at times – no qualms about that!}

i typically make food each day, even a few times. i may bake a sweet potato in the morning, for example, and then later that day will puree it up to be a part of a meal.  i end up having containers in the fridge with varying amounts of leftovers … and have to be cognizant of using them in a few days.

why haven’t i been freezing cubes sooner!? makes so much sense. i did a few batches yesterday and love knowing that they are ready and available. it was so simple to pour the pureed food in to an ice cube tray, freeze, then bag up the cubes.

{everything i made looks orange – funny! i need to diversify the next few batches 😉   }


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