happy 8 months, my sweet boy!

December 5, 2011

i can’t believe it … 8 months?! he is growing so fast.Ā  bittersweet!!

he continues to be the sweetest baby ever. he really doesn’t fuss or cry, like ever, and loves to smile and explore and observe and be held and crawl everywhere.

there is so much to capture this month in his growth – hope i remember the highlights!

:: he moves fast, everywhere. it’s more of a lift-scoot-flop move than a crawl šŸ™‚

:: his hair is growing back in – yay! – and depending on the light, looks either brown or a golden dark blonde.

:: he loves to eat and wants to eat everything. i’ve been following the book “super baby food” pretty closely but am starting to lighten up a bit! for instance, i gave him some shredded chicken instead of just the pureed sweet potatoes and carrots with broth from the roast. he loved it! he eats at least 3 meals/daily … depending on when he wakes and has breakfast (varies) he often is hungry for lunch around 11 and then for dinner by 4. so, he often will want something else (in addition to nursing) before sleep, especially if he sees us eating later. he wants to feed himself, usually grabbing the spoon and bringing the food to his mouth!

:: so he is still *definitely* nursing, with no signs of slowing down! my goal is to coordinate nursing with meals – starting with nursing and/or ending with it – but that doesn’t always work out. no biggee. he definitely nurses first thing in the morning, before bed, and a few times during the day.

:: i have sort of “relaxed in to what is” as far as sleeping goes. i haven’t done any real sleep training this month, and we are appreciating the brevity of this time of cuddles and having him close.Ā  this little guy prefers to be close to his mama – as hubby said, i am his ‘sanctuary’. for the most part, i have let go of the angst surrounding the subject of sleep (or lack thereof). the hardest part is the evenings – after he falls asleep for those first few hours.

:: he officially can totally sit alone as of today! ha. we went to my mom’s after festival of trees, and he sat without any tippping for over 10 minutes. like it was no big deal and he’d been doing it forever. lol.

:: we had our first real “conversation” last week and it was totally amazing. sometimes he’ll do this sweet humming sound, especially when nursing or cuddling. so we did this back-and-forth; he would “hmmmm” and i would respond “hmmm” and he would respond. when we stopped i waited a bit then gave another “hmmm” to which he answered, “hmmm”!! very very cool.

:: his babbling is the best. lots of “dthadtha” and various other sounds.

:: no matter what, without fail, whenever he sees and approaches my hubby, his legs and arms start pumping and he busts out in to a big cheeseball grin. he loves his daddy! then he proceeds to climb all over hubby’s face and head … such a boy already.

:: so, routines … he is always sleepy an hour after waking in the morning and takes his first nap, which is maybe 45 minutes. depending on when that is (if he’s slept in later or not), that might be his only morning nap. then he’ll take another one mid-afternoon, usually 2-ish, for maybe another 45 minutes. i think once he slept an hour and i was like -wahoo!! lol.Ā  he is sleepy for bed between 6:30-7pm.

:: his skin is continuing to love this lotion. hooray!!

:: he is wearing mostly 9-12 months clothes … still fits in some 6-12 mos.Ā  according to our bathroom scale, he weighs about 19 lbs~!

he is a joy and a GIFT!

{here are a few pics, but our camera was left in philadelphia on hubby’s last trip, so these are grainy phone pics.Ā  i took them on the same quilt as i’ve been doing every month.}

he would not lay still! see him laughing as he rolls over šŸ™‚

hi mom šŸ˜‰

he loves his keyboard!

fell asleep on mama at festival of trees

he loves his grandma {on her birthday!}


One Response to “happy 8 months, my sweet boy!”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    Gorgeous little man šŸ™‚ So glad the lotion is good for him! Go, Mamma!!! šŸ˜€

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