sausage rice kale carrot “soup”

December 14, 2011

my plan had been to make lentil soup tonight, but by the time i got home from the store … you know where this is going. my girl was hungry, and i didn’t feel like the time and process of the lentil soup i had in mind, so i decided to use what i had on hand to make dinner.

what ended up was, according to hubby, something that needs to go on the “bowls” menu. he said it reminded him of gumbo in that it had a variety of great flavors that popped. cool beans. it’s a keeper, and i decided i better write it down lest i forget all about it.

here it is:

sausage rice kale carrot “soup”:

:: chicken and apple sausage from costco (aidell’s brand)

:: about 1/3 bunch chopped kale, stems removed

:: 3 carrots, chopped small

:: 1/2 onion, chopped

:: about 1/5 head of red cabbage (what was left in the fridge)

:: a few handfuls (literally) of cooked, short grain brown rice

:: chicken stock (one large carton of organic)

:: cumin, real salt and frank’s hot sauce

first, i chopped up the 5 links of sausage and sauteed in olive oil for at least 10 minutes, til browned and hot.

in a soup pot, i sauteed the onion and carrot in olive oil til onion was soft, about 5 min, stirring frequently. i then added several generous shakes of cumin and a few of real salt. i stirred this up for  a couple minutes, then added:

the rice, cooked sausages, chicken broth, kale, and cabbage.

and here’s where it turned from “soup” to “bowl”: i turned the burner to medium with the plan of quickly lowering the temp and letting it simmer until we were ready to eat. except i got distracted … feeding and bathing a baby and then realizing, shoot!, that the soup has been bubbling now for about 30 minutes. yikes. most of the broth was absorbed but i decided it would be ok. i added a few shakes of frank’s hot sauce and served up our bowls.


horrid phone pic, but hey ... at least i remembered to take one! 🙂



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