daily bread

December 15, 2011

this concept – this “daily bread” dependence – has been central in my mind and heart these days.

“Moses said to them, ‘it is the bread the LORD has given you to eat.'” (exodus 16:15)

Jesus praying: “Give us each day our daily bread,” (luke 11:3)

we are told to depend daily on His manna provision; not yearly or even monthly, but daily. this concept is so counter-cultural; we are all about investing and saving and retirement plans and cushions and margin. making sure we have it all figured out; securing our hope in how well we’ve taken care of our dollars.

and i think all those things are good and valuable and i am not saying to throw all of it to the wind.

but i am learning … and being stretched and challenged in my paradigm.  one of the most profound ways this learning is happening is in our relationship with some of our dear friends.

their lives embody a lack of attachment to things.

and how attached am i to things?? ouch. perhaps compared to others, not as much. i don’t really shop, rarely buy myself something new (last pair of shoes purchased was undoubtedly a clearance pair at target!), and don’t sit around coveting much stuff. we live simply in a humble apartment.  our lives aren’t garnished with lots of fluff.

and yet, when money comes in or is anticipated, how much do i care and attach thought and value to how it’s spent? that is, rather than being a fluid vessel through which money passes, how much do i want to hold on to it? how much do i think about what i’d like to buy with it, what future bills i’d like to pay, etc?

so these friends … here’s what we’ve experienced in knowing them: their needs are consistently met by our Provider. they don’t have extras. the hubby (a handyman) gets just enough work most months to cover their expenses. but when extra comes in? when he gets an extra job, or they sell something on craigslist? immediately they share.


as in, look what GOD provided today! here it is … yours. to meet your need.

because after all, it’s HIS anyway.

and we’ve walked this way of faith, of depending on HIM, long enough to know that HE is faithful.

“the LORD is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made.” (psalm 145:13)


One Response to “daily bread”

  1. Tika Says:

    L♥VE this, Emily! This sums up what we’ve been mulling over too (and I think we even talked about it a tad on Friday:). There is a little twist in my stomach over the storm brewing in our lives, but I am oddly (blessedly) at peace, taking shelter under His Wings.
    I can’t wait to see what the LORD has in store for us in the new year!

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