some recent pics …

December 29, 2011

we are enjoying some quiet days, catching up around the house, playing with friends, hanging as a family. here are a few moments from recent days …

this makes me grin! i went for a walk while J was napping and returned to find this 🙂

christmas eve is always spent at my grandparents … the epitome of cozy, warm, family love. we eat – a lot! – and do a white elephant-style gift exchange, usually full of mega laughter.

my darling fashionista 🙂

grammy enjoying some cuddles with little J

christmas morning mom always has us over for breakfast … this year we didn’t go serve lunch at st vincent de paul as usual since i wasn’t feeling excited about taking little man with us – haha. so, we had a long and leisurely day at my mom’s house, then in the evening me, mom and maddie went to a movie (hubby and J stayed behind happily to watch football!)

josiah loved watching the cat! and how gorgeous is the sunshine streaming in?!

ok, now a few from last night … at walmart! i know, totally weird but here’s what i love about these pics: hubby was pushing J in the cart and every time i looked back, he was taking another pic of our little man. honestly, we are all completely crazy in love with this little guy and even daddy can’t resist endless picture-taking! hee hee

this one cracks me up - our sleepy guy and me and my girl charging ahead!



One Response to “some recent pics …”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    Gorgeous pix, Emily– You’re all beautiful 🙂

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