short-term vs long-term

January 3, 2012

i have a few areas in my life right now as a mama, wife and woman, that require hard and uncomfortable work in the short-term. i am in a time of really seeking GOD’s wisdom and strength to be more than i am capable of being; do more than i am able to do.

as a mama, some things come very natural for me … nurturing, tending to soul and heart issues, cultivating love and relationship. these things flow.

but i am not so strong and “natural” in areas of training toward character … a fine line difference but one that hubby and i clarified in one of those intense and productive and heartfelt convo’s recently.

so, we are pressing in, uniting as “team green” and implementing some real changes and strategies on the home front.

discipline of kiddos takes discipline for this mama … hard at times in the short-term, but essential in the long-term.

another area of short-term effort for long-term gain is exercise. i have been in reactive mode with my exercise; doing it when i can, some days.  reflecting on this, i know for sure that when i am proactive about executing an exercise plan, i feel SO much better … physically and mentally. it’s essential. and during this season of continued sleeplessness, baby care and homeschooling … it is hard. but i know that i know that i must.

so i will.

another area that is begging for short-term discipline for long-term gain is in stewarding the nutrition and health of my family. the decisions around what we eat as a family are primarily made by me – big burden and excellent opportunity. a few goals have crystallized (and i’ve put them on a note in my kitchen window): “strengthen immunity: reduce sugar, clo, probiotics”. these things have risen recently to mind in my reading and research and will be areas of implementation around here.

i’d love to hear the stirrings you are having these days … areas of resolve, focus, implementation.



One Response to “short-term vs long-term”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    There’s always an entire world of “better” and “goals” and ” ‘gotta…”… and I could drown in that, if I focused on it too long– get depressed, and immobilized by it. I have to find the joy in this choice that moves me toward the infinite “better” at this moment. So the CLO tastes miserable… ok, I need joy that counter-balances that.
    Joy in knowing that I’ll feel better (sometimes taking it closer-in helps)
    Joy in knowing my children will feel better (sometimes they understand that one better than I do LOL!)
    Joy in knowing I’ll be functional longer– able to be that nurturing mother, not only today, but in the future because I took care of my body.
    Joy in knowing I’ll be able to think more clearly, and feel less “toxic” in that longer life… and in the shorter term as well…
    If I focus on the “should”, I get depressed, because I missed it, or haven’t, or there’s always more “should” than I can do right now.
    If I focus on the joy, it becomes more what I want to do, and choose to do– now, in this moment, without the guilt.

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