happy 9 months, josiah!

January 7, 2012

i can’t believe how fast he is growing. so cliche, but true.

this age is so fun, each day bringing new developments and cause for joy and laughter! what a gift he is … truly, a “happy baby” in every sense of the word. happy and delicious!! hee hee

some highlights these days:

:: his goal in life is to pull himself up. that is pretty much what he does 24-7; his favorite thing to do. unfortunately, we have a wicker chest that sits in the center of our main room, and he’s constantly pulling up on that … and chewing it. time to move it, i’m afraid.  he loves the kitchen chairs, too.

:: as of 12/28, he officially “crawls”! he still prefers his “inchworm” flop and it’s definitely his mode of transport when his goal is speed. but the real deal crawl is so stinkin cute.

:: he learned to clap and totally cracks himself up, lost in his own little happy world, clapping away.

:: he is “saying” all kinds of things, and making so many funny sounds with his mouth, like he’s experimenting with how to fully use his lips, tongue, voice. still a lot of “thdadada”.

:: he is never still. i remember being able to put maddie on the floor, sitting happily surrounded by toys, and she’d just stay there and play. he stays nowhere longer than 3 seconds; he is perpetually moving and exploring.

:: speaking of exploring: he prefers non-toy objects! ie, an empty water bottle provides endless fun as he bats it, crawls after it, pounds it, uses it to hit the floor, etc etc. hee hee.  he did get some fun ball toys for christmas and loves those.

:: he is eating a lot, and loving food. he is still pretty much doing 3 meals/day … still mostly pureed (chunky) food that i’ve either made and frozen, or sometimes from a jar. an example of a recent favorite meal of his: i had made a pot roast w/sweet potatoes and carrots in the pot. when it was cooked, i pureed the carrots and potatoes in the broth, added cooked brown rice and a hunk of avocado, mixed it all up and boom, he was *thrilled*! he loves savory flavors.

:: no doubt about it, he still loves the “cafeteria” (as hubby calls nursing). he is more distracted at times, and only wants a little snack before real meals, but some feedings he just fully fills up. still nursing morning, noonish, afternoon, evening (and night).

:: as i type this, he is in his playpen and (thankfully) enjoys spending some chunks of time in there. awesome! he also is liking the jumperoo more, and continues to love his exersaucer.

:: he loves water, and whenever he hears it (this boy has got amplified hearing, i think) he immediately (obsessively!?) looks for it. he’s got to see where it’s coming from and what it’s doing: toilet flushing, washing machine, kitchen sink, you name it.

:: and the kitchen sink is where he is still taking his nightly baths, and loving it.

:: his skin had improved dramatically for a few weeks, which was awesome!! the past week, something has triggered a flare-up of little bumps, which then become dry patches that then become soft again. it is so difficult to determine the cause of flare-ups; was it the new food? the edge of the playpen which seemed to create a rash on his cheeks (which i then cleaned crazy well). anyhoo. it’s hard.

:: and not to continue on this negative note,  but his nighttime sleeping has gotten progressively and continually worse. daytime is great: he pretty consistently naps around 10am and then again around 2pm, both for about 45 minutes (although last week he napped for 1 hour, 45 min for both naps! wahooo). nighttimes are the epitome of ingrained bad habits (just call me “sleep prop”) plus physical discomfort (his skin) = insanity for this mama. enough said.

:: one last cool nugget: his sister has this little thing she does with him. she says, ‘i’m gonna get you! i’m gonna get you!’ from far away, when i’m holding him, and then she runs in approach. he *loves* it, giggles hysterically and burrows in to me, laughing.

:: that sister? she is amazing. i couldn’t do this without her; she is hands-on help, anticipating what i might need, always wanting to hold or entertain or care for her brother. what a blessing!!

a few pics on the monthly-picture-blanket

rollin, rollin!

our long boy is finally still

hmm, this brush is yummy!

and finally, dancing with daddy after church …

ok, just a few more (wink, wink) … and these are all still from hubby’s cell phone camera, since our “real” camera is in philadelphia!

i LOVE this! i returned home from a walk to find this greeting at the front door 🙂



One Response to “happy 9 months, josiah!”

  1. I’ll be interested to see what Josiah looks like on his blanket when he is 18! Hee hee! I love your updates and photos Em! XOXOXO

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