customer service feedback :)

January 11, 2012

i’ve taken a few opportunities lately to provide feedback on service that i’ve received. it takes a little time but today – twice! – i was reminded of the value of doing this.

and for sure i prefer giving the good feedback … the compliments for great service! but recently i felt prompted to go online and submit a feedback form about service we received (or didn’t!) at a local sort-of-healthy “fast food” place.  we pulled up a few weeks ago and saw a huge banner, advertising a fabulous special. when we placed our order (for said special) the guy told us the special ended the previous day, they just hadn’t taken the banner down. sorry. um, excuse me?! so anyhoo, we ordered something else but later that day (before i forgot) i submitted the online feedback form, sharing our experience.

today i got a voice mail from the manager of that local restaurant, apologizing and saying he told his staff that they need to honor advertised specials. further, he had mailed us freebies. cool beans!

on a brighter note, i was at my regular local grocery store today with little man in the bjorn. i don’t like this store but the deals and whole food options can’t be beat. it’s a bag-your-own-groceries store – super fun with a baby on your chest. lol. so today, the cashier rang me up then HELPED ME BAG MY GROCERIES! how totally cool is that!? on my way out, i went straight over to the manager and raved about his fabulous employee. it felt good to pass along the compliment for her lovely kindness.



4 Responses to “customer service feedback :)”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Ah yes…. I remember those shopping experiences well…same store…different little man on this Mama’s chest…in the ergo…good work friend sharing the positives!

  2. Leaves Heal Says:

    Baby-in-a-bag is just not a fun time to be leaning over & bagging other things– very cool!!!

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