odds and ends

January 30, 2012

:: hubby, daughter and i saw “Red Tails” yesterday. (thank you mama for watching little man!!) it was a powerful, disturbing, important, enlightening movie. despite knowing what i do, having always been passionate about african-american history and being married to a black man, i continue to be jolted by the reality of racism expressed so recently in our country’s history (WW2, in this case).

:: i miss having a camera. hubby left ours in philly in november; phone pics are not the same 😦

:: i am stoked about stumbling across this dishwasher detergent recipe – it seems to be working! i am loving it, plus my  homemade laundry detergent and of course this all-purpose cleaner daily (using it to wash my face now as well!)

:: all things related to sleep are so incredibly stressful and overwhelming these days – just keepin it real. i feel like “epic fail” is stamped on my forehead. i’ve read and learned and *know* so much on this subject and yet continue to see bad habits becoming further ingrained; a few steps forward followed by tumbling backward. i am weary.  it feels like it is going to have to be all-or-nothing time; a complete blitz of needed training approaches because this incrementalism is making me incrementally crazy. lol.

:: i am *finally* reading 1,000 gifts and it is already as powerful and paradigm-shaping as i’d imagined. power in each moment to change how i see and thus how it impacts me; gratitude for all things (even sleep issues?!).

:: maddie is playing ymca basketball – first time ever! i am so proud of her.  she had no idea how to play the game and had only one practice before her first game. this is a girl who needs to feel very well-prepared to compete; as a competitive gymnast (at age 7, no less!) she practiced 10-12 hours/week and at competitions, her coach called her ‘game day maddie’ because she was focused and unwavering; implementing her practice and never even being nervous. so then, fast forward to basketball: she is super nervous before her first game and it hits me – i have not prepared my girl! hello, i know this game and yet haven’t prepared her. over the past week, hubby has taken her twice to the gym to *learn* the game; practice and running and dribbling and shooting and she comes home exhilirated and excited and pumped. and her last game?! she scored some shots! she dribbled! she got some rebounds! and she had fun. that is the best, right mama’s? 😉


One Response to “odds and ends”

  1. So fun! I LOVED playing ymca basketball, but I probably should admit here that part of why I loved it so much was probably because our team generally won the whole league.

    Also? It’s kind of crazy in retrospect that I got “recruited” for the aau travel team from ymca basketball in third grade! Wow…that really changed my whole elementary, middle, and high school life!

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