top 3 in a husband

February 1, 2012

the other day, maddie and i were talking about what her husband will be like … a conversation she enjoys as evidenced by the twinkle in her eye. 🙂

here’s her current list:

1. he will be a christian

2. he will work from home so he will be with his family all day

3. he won’t play video games all day (lol)

i was so blessed by #2 and reminded that yes, these days of close quarters and all of us being home together in our small little space, is a GOOD thing. we are living and laughing and doing life together each day, sharing learning and josiah highlights and tears over dictation exercises and lunch and prayers and conversations.


and it’s good. it’s right where GOD has our family during this season, and i know we’ll look back with deep memories and smiles and a shared sense of being together and growing together.

we see evidence that these logistics will change … that our walls will expand, our space will grow (there will be a new, larger space) … GOD is providing and we are thanking HIM and pressing on in obedience to His plans.

and being thankful and content for this time, in all it’s craziness, right now. 😉


3 Responses to “top 3 in a husband”

  1. Expanding…yes. Growing…yes. God is faithful, yes!

  2. Leaves Heal Says:

    Small and cramped-feeling can be an awesome blessing. Enjoy the wealth, Mamma. That #2 is an awesome compliment to your choice in a hubby 😉

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