happy TEN months, my precious boy!!

February 7, 2012

we comment that he honestly gets cuter and more delicious each day. maybe even after every nap. lol.  this boy is something special.

a few highlights at 10 months …

:: he is a super sonic crazy fast crawler. no more flopping “inchworm.” no, he books it, and …

:: he prefers to crawl away from central areas piled high with fabulous toys, to hallways and kitchen cupboards and off-limits doors and cabinets. if it opens and closes, he’s there. fast.

:: he has transitioned to mostly finger foods – his preference most of the time! he still loves oatmeal or some kind of warm cereal w/bananas for breakfast, and often in a pinch i’ll give him a jar of something with the rest of his food. today, for instance, he had oats/bananas for breakfast; lunch was chunks of soft cooked sweet potatoes, pieces of pasta, and steamed chunks of apple; “dinner” (said loosely because he had dinner twice!) was steamed carrots, and a different kind of grains, pureed; then later, refried beans.  i’ll often give him what we’re eating, mixed and modified a bit as needed.

:: he tried “cheerios” for the first time this weekend! i think i’m slightly paranoid about hard food objects; he’s been eating the organic baby “puffs” for a few months which are the same concept of picking up with his 2 fingers, but saturday he had some of his friends cheerios … and loved them!

:: he still loves to nurse and we *generally* nurse early in the morning, before meals, before bed (and at night, of course … ahhh).

:: he’s babbling like crazy, and is pretty consistent with saying “dada” and knowing what he is saying. we ask, “where is daddy?” or “where is sister?” and he looks right where they are/were. same with “where are the birdies?”  – he looks on the back porch.

:: he has stood alone a few times, although i’ve never seen it. he is “cruising” around furniture.

:: he loves his mama! i am definitely his preferred cuddle place when he is sleepy or waking up. he just fits right in to me, in my arms, and usually grabs hold of my shirt collar with one hand. i seriously am so in love with this boy.

:: he got his top 4 teeth last week! it’s harder than anything to see them, though! he resists letting us look so only when his head is back laughing can we get a good glance. oh my word are those teeth cute.

:: sleep training continues to be the area of deepest struggle. we have been “sleep training” for weeks but seem to continue to run up against obstacles: a trip out of town for several days set back progress, then a cold, then cutting 4 teeth. i just ordered “the no cry sleep solution” – CIO, even when given several days of consistent implementation, does not seem to create change in his sleeping. minimal at best, and torture for all the whole way through. 😦

:: he wears a size 12-18 mos for length; 9-12 mos usually fits for “width” 🙂

:: he is still taking a mid-morning nap (10ish) and a mid-afternoon nap (2ish). naps are usually 45 min … on good days, maybe 75 min.

he is our precious gift … our endless source of laughter and joy. thank GOD!

a few pics on “the” blanket …




One Response to “happy TEN months, my precious boy!!”

  1. As much as I’m a believer, I know CIO won’t work for every baby! I hope you can find something that works for you! YOU NEED SLEEP!!!!!!!
    He is adorable, yes…he really is!

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