chubby babies

February 10, 2012

we all love chubby babies! what’s not to love??  the squishy rolls of goodness, the chub that goes for miles. i have been a card-carrying chubby-baby-lover forever.

my first, madison, epitomized all things chunkalicious:

10 lbs at birth,

18 1/2 lbs at 4 months,

20 1/2 lbs at 6 months,

and on it went.

here she is at about 7 weeks old:

honestly!? to die for.

i thought nothing could better than the rolls of a new baby.

and then i had josiah.

and my eyes have been opened to the beauty he embodies; to the total perfection of  every inch of him.

my boy.

it’s been so interesting, being a mama of 2 … one super chubby, the other not so much.

our culture almost gives this badge of honor to mama’s with chubby babes; comments like, “healthy boy!”, “you must be feeding her right!” roll freely.

but the crazy part is that really, as far as i can see, we mama’s don’t really create this chubbiness. it’s not really to our credit either way. i am the same emily who birthed both of my love bugs; both were champion breast feeders from the first minute and never slowed down (maddie nursed til almost 2; josiah is going strong at 10 mos). the only real difference i can see is that i am much healthier as a mama now – i gained far less weight during pregnancy (30 lbs with josiah vs 60 with maddie) and my eating choices are much better now.

but i don’t think that has a lick to do with it.

i think our little ones come in so many shapes and sizes … which change dramatically in the first couple years. miss chunkalicious maddie became this thin little muscular peanut by age 2, lasting for many years. we shall see how little man shapes up 🙂

i know that my perspective has shifted … i find my little boy as delicious as my girl … i want to eat him up constantly! everything about him feels perfect; his proportions, his every single little crease and dimple and tooth and toe and curl of hair … he is amazing.

amazingly perfect.


One Response to “chubby babies”

  1. Isn’t that so true!? We say “good job mama” when the babies are growing big and chunky…but what about those that aren’t? Or what if they are formula fed…does that mean, “wow, NOT a good job mama…they are getting big because of formula!”
    Great perspective and truth!

    I’ve never had a chunky one 😦

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