flip the script

February 23, 2012

this week, my mind can go to this place:

i am weary and exhausted; this queasy sour tummy feeling is kicking my butt; i am endlessly chasing our escape artist son who seems solely focused on exiting any room to find a hallway, door, drawer, or unsafe climbing structure; i am uninspired and needing some serious motivation in schooling my girl. and oh ya, i feel chubby and how can i already be showing and nothing fits and how great would it be to afford a real hair cut and style??

i have to fight these thoughts with truth, and here  is what is true:

i am so blessed. i am tired, yes, but the moments of rocking and cuddling my boy give me time to soak him in and memorize his face and gaze deeply at this stunning gift our Father has given our lives. 

i will get some sleep, some day. *wink*.

josiah is healthy and active and developing perfectly, eager to explore his world.

schooling my girl doesn’t have to look “perfect” all the time; real learning comes in the rhythm of real life and the beauty of the moments where learning happens organically. and, this is a great opportunity for her to increase her self-directed learning; to gain greater responsibility for the tasks she needs to complete each day.

i am carrying a miracle baby! oh, the joy of this new life forming … smiling thoughts as i think of this growing baby, being knit together even as i write this.

this is a short season of not feeling great; with josiah, by the second trimester i was feeling really good. that is just around the corner.

the whining things are silly stuff; those with real hardships and deep grief and trials would likely trade for my “stuff” any day. i know this.

for me, perspective-changing is helped by a few things:

getting outside, breathing deeply in fresh air. and if the sun is shining, all the better. 🙂 i am a fresh air, outdoor girl. i crave it, and it inspires and refreshes me. so, a little walk outside can be a radical help in shifting my perspective. i also benefit from getting out: showered, dressed and running an errand, connecting with a girlfriend.

i also need time in GOD’s word. even a few minutes of reading and just allowing the truth to soak in is invaluable for me. (oh, why do i rush through this some days?!) HIS word is good and true and life-giving.

prayer … changes things. and it changes me. let me stay grateful and speak words of truth and thankfulness aloud and in my heart.  for HE is good!

a few pics from the past several days …

we celebrated our anniversary this week and got to spend a glorious afternoon together sunday, thanks to my mom watching the kiddos! we went to a cafe that is right next to the little white chapel where we married; we had the best time, eating an incredible brunch, soaking in the sunshine, talking and just seriously having the sweetest time. and then we got to go see a movie – treat! this pic is in front of the little white chapel …

this was taken after maddie’s basketball game saturday … 4 generations! my gorgeous grandma and mama.


5 Responses to “flip the script”

  1. liz Says:

    Em, you are radiant in that first picture! So grateful for the miracles happening in your life. Be easy on yourself for this little while of nausea — it’s tough! Love you.

  2. Oh I just love your honesty!!

    Do you have baby gates? I have one you can borrow?? It’s pretty tall and wide and has a little door to swing open.
    We try not to “over baby proof”…but we had to do the drawers and cupboards because it was insane and just not safe. The latches at target work great and I know there are some that you don’t need to ruin the wood with (if you are renting..)

    Be encouraged, because you encourage us!
    We aren’t always on our A game, and that’s ok.


  3. Leaves Heal Says:

    It’s all real. Breathe in what works. There’s a lot of good in your world that functions beautifully. Breathe it in, and exhale the rest. CO2 is just as real as the oxygen, but not helpful to hold onto for very long. All of those feelings are legitimate, though. Beautiful work, choosing to focus on the richness in the here-and-now.

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