i got nothing done

February 28, 2012

anyone else ever feel like this??

at the end of a long day, life and toys and books and laundry scattered about … surveying it all and feeling that i didn’t get one thing completely done.

i feel scattered.

the truth is that today,  i made chicken broth, baked a cake, made josiah’s beeswax lotion, did *some* schooling with madison, cleaned the kitchen maybe 4 (4000!?) times, made breakfast lunch and dinner, did 2 loads of laundry, took the baby on a walk, listened to and brainstormed with my hubby about his work things.

and yet i don’t feel like i did any one thing well. midway through the day, with dishes overflowing and books piled and baby clinging to my leg, i cleaned the kitchen … just so i could feel that sense of having done something and it being done well.

that lasted about 6 minutes (the clean kitchen, that is).

i was on the phone with my mom, who called from her job sitting at a comfortable desk in her clean nice work clothes, likely sipping her afternoon coffee and being able to engage with coworkers, and i asked her … “want to switch?!”

fully joking, of course. as i keep remembering and *knowing*, i am well blessed. and JUST where i want to be, in the center of GOD’s will for our family.

today was just one of those days.


4 Responses to “i got nothing done”

  1. Mike Green Says:

    I think you missed some things that you did get done today.

    You made your husband smile.
    You made this house a cozy home.
    You made your family feel loved.
    You made your daughter’s day with cake.
    You made your husband’s day by taking a nap on the couch (he enjoys watching his beautiful wife sleep while he’s on the phone and working on the computer)
    You filled this home with peace, comfort and joy.

    You did quite a lot today. I can hardly wait to see what you do tomorrow.

    • What a sweet comment from Mike!

      But yes, I totally understand. Last Saturday, I felt like I spent the whole day cleaning…only by the time I stopped and sat down, the house was still a complete mess! I don’t know how that happens 😉

  2. Amen to what Mike said! Print that out and paste in on your fridge!!

  3. Leaves Heal Says:

    Love to you, Emily. You’re doing a beautiful job. Love Mike’s list– made me tear up 🙂 One more thing to add– you’re building a new life!!! Extraordinary work, Mamma!

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