the next few days …

March 8, 2012

things are gonna be pretty crazy! good crazy … the “good stress” kind of busy.

maddie turns 12 tomorrow – unreal, amazing, bittersweet for this mama. we are hosting a large family lunch tomorrow for her, then the following day is her final basketball game, basketball banquet, then birthday party sleepover with wild silly girls!!

from the vantage point of this first trimester queasy tired prego mama, who (still) wakes multiple times nightly with little man, it sounds … a bit overwhelming.

and honestly, the most daunting thought as i sit here this morning is the deep cleaning that needs to take place today in our home, to prepare for guests and parties.

{what is up with the pressure we put on ourselves to have our homes perfectly clean and presentable?! i know in my head that it doesn’t really matter; i know that when i go to a friend’s home that is less than perfect, it can be totally validating and honestly oftentimes more comfortable and conducive to relaxed hospitality. i know this and yet i’ve got lists and today we are going to bust a move cleaning up! i just hope i don’t become mom-zilla in the process. 🙂  }

i am excited to celebrate my sweet girl … and know that these days will be filled with much laughter and smiles and good food and love.

keeping my focus on the beauty … *wink*.

{ speaking of 11 … my girl, leaving 11 years old and my little man just joining 11 – months, that is! i am behind on his 11 month post but will share it soon.}


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