happy 11 months! ( a little bit late)

March 12, 2012

our sweet boy is 11 months … and continues to be just a JOY. this boy just doesn’t fuss, like … ever. he is happy, busy, exploring and adorable. he is learning so much it is wild!

:: if you ask him where is, “balloon”, “book”, “ball”, “birdies”, “daddy”, “sister” … he looks right at them.

:: he is totally done with “baby” food other than when i (in a pinch) mix a jar of some mixed fruit in with oatmeal, for instance. he loves pretty much everything, and lately has been loving steamed broccoli with cooked brown rice. he prefers savory, and inhaled a big bowl of black beans, ground beef and rice (slightly mushed up). he does 3 meals a day and then 2 snacks (after each nap). when he wakes, we usually “share” a banana – he dives in for a big bite but won’t eat it if it’s cut up! – then about an hour after waking has breakfast.

:: his schedule has really solidified this month and it feels good (i like routine and predictability): he wakes between 6:30-7 am; first nap about 9am; second nap about 1pm; bedtime between 6:30-7pm. his naps have gotten longer the past few weeks – sometimes even 1 1/2 hours! usually more like an hour.

:: sleep training continues to be really stressful and discouraging. hubby and i created a plan and for the most part, it is “working”: he *must* sleep at least 4 hours before i will go in and nurse; after 4 hours, i’ll nurse and put him back in his crib. beyond that, it’s still a nightmare … him in bed with us is a wiggly, nurse-fest, and i end up taking him back to his crib. all told, i’m up at least 4 times nightly. as in, wide awake up. so completely intolerable. so i am adjusting the plan, literally today.  i am SO over this saga! and desperately need a few months of good rest before little green bean arrives!

:: his hair literally grew SO much this month! my grandma even commented last week that in a week’s time, it had noticeably grown … delicious caramel curls! it is beyond precious.

:: he loves to clap, loves peek-a-boo, is obsessed with balloons, balls and anything that rolls/moves/can be pushed.

:: he *never* is still. hee hee

:: he is laughing more than ever … like cracking himself up.

:: he loves to give “kisses” (really, open-mouthed leaning over to your mouth).

:: he loves to open and close anything, especially dangerous kitchen cabinets!

:: he LOVES his daddy and that remains his most clear word: “daddy“.

:: he babbles a ton, with lots of “d” sounds.

:: he seems so much over the stranger anxiety stuff and will more often go to a family member or friend to be held – yay!

:: he got his 7th tooth – on the bottom. so now he has 4 on top, 3 on the bottom.

here are a few pics … the worst picture quality ever but it’s what i’ve got on *the blanket*!




One Response to “happy 11 months! ( a little bit late)”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    Happy little man 🙂
    Don’tchya love those “kisses” ?! SO beautiful… and SO messy LOL!

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