12th birthday extravaganza!

March 15, 2012

maddie’s 12th birthday celebrations were truly SO FUN this year!! 3 days of celebrations … friends, family, parties, lunch, sleepover … all, just so wonderful.

she was on cloud 9 for days … and kept saying, “this is my best birthday ever!”

she truly felt blessed and loved and celebrated – and don’t we love that for our kids?!

on friday (her actual birthday) we had a family lunch celebration for her (each year we typically host a family dinner but she didn’t want to miss her basketball practice friday night so we had a lunch). it worked out perfectly AND bonus: my cousin and her kids were visiting town so they were able to join! it was sunny, lovely, and perfect.

my grown up sweet girl, in her new birthday jumpsuit, ready for lunch!

hooray, her uncle kaleb moved back to town just last week - so glad he could come!

yummy lunch ...

gifts {with lots of "help" from little lynnea!!}

each year, i make a cake with "her" number ...

kaleb and uncle ron ...

crazy, busy, fun!

the next morning was maddie’s last basketball game, followed by the end-of-the-year basketball banquet, immediately followed by her sleepover party!  {she scored EIGHT points in her last game … it was INCREDIBLE! a complete improvement over game one, when she literally didn’t know “offense” from “defense” or pretty much anything else. SO proud of my girl’s hard work! she had SO much fun!}

last game picture w/friend and teammate, sarah ... plus grandma and aunt nancy 🙂

the sleepover party was literally a NONSTOP fun-fest!! one of the sweet girls commented to me that night that it was the most fun birthday party she’d ever been to – more fun even than her own! so sweet. i have to say, it was totally over-the-top fun and giggles and dancing and laughter and love and smiles.

we did a scavenger hunt at Lowe’s (a total hit! and FREE! split the girls in to teams, gave them lists with crazy items like a certain type of bolt, and the first team done won prizes!). we came home to play more games, eat, the girls performed a magic show, did a toilet paper dress up competition,

and then finally settled down to movies, giggles and (eventually) sleep.

maddie, maisy and kait

silly soph!

our sweet mylia

the darling twins!

magic show 🙂

a lovely, full weekend … and oh boy, this mama was wiped out sunday morning when the sleepover crew left! phew! 🙂


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