12 week appointment with ultrasound :)

March 20, 2012

i had butterflies this morning, in anticipation of our ob appointment. i was so excited for the ultrasound!

it was awesome! little green bean is growing so much and looked absolutely *perfect*. he/she (we kept saying “he” during the appointment – what is up with that?!) is measuring just over 3 inches long (so big! hee hee); heartbeat was a solid 155 bpm and little bean was wiggling around. i will never get over the marvel of seeing life within! and hearing the heartbeat – amazing, of course.

hubby kept commenting on how big the baby looked and indeed, there has been so much growth since our last appointment.  a sweet friend commented today, “no wonder you’ve been so tired. look what your body’s been doing the past 5 weeks!” i forget, the enormous and beautiful work that our bodies do in growing life.

i love the top picture … the hands above the head, the legs bent. precious!!


2 Responses to “12 week appointment with ultrasound :)”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    Oh, Emily– your baby is so beautiful! Yes, those hands up there are precious! Love the last one, too… reminds me of Maddie for some reason… Beautiful kiddo in there 🙂
    Yes, you are doing awesome work. Your body is an extraordinary design, deserving of extraordinary support right now 😉

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