lapbook shake-up

March 20, 2012

sometimes i need to change things up in our schooling when i feel like we’ve settled in to a rut. for us, the rut looks like: let’s get through the “essentials”, quickly and be “done” with schooling.

and then i remember … and life and our experiences remind me: learning doesn’t end! AND mama’s approach and perspective really shapes how our schooling time unfolds each day.

so, maddie has been asking to learn about physical science-type things: earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis. she is curious and wants to learn.

{and may i share that this wanting to learn, this curiosity … is something i am so thankful for!? it challenges and stretches me to stay on my “game” and keep focused and intentional}.

we talked last week and agreed that this week would be a totally different kind of learning week: we’d stick with some basics (math, reading, grammar) but instead of the usual history, science and other misc learning, we would focus totally on a unit study.  she requested we use the lapbook format which i am so thankful that sweet jessica introduced me to a few years ago … it offers my creative, hands-on learner an opportunity to learn while creating and putting together this fabulous final product.

(here’s a great site with free lapbook templates and ideas).

all weekend, maddie was literally squealing with excitement, so excited to start our study this week!

today was day one, and it went really well. as usual, i underestimated how long it would take to do some of the work and projects so we didn’t complete all of my “day 1” plan. but that’s ok. she learned, i learned, and it was good!

i will post pics and an update of the lapbook once it’s all complete.


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