odds and ends …

April 7, 2012

:: hubby was gone for 2 days last week and with only one operating car, the kids and i had the great adventure of being car-less for those 2 days! what a perspective-giver: doing without a luxury that most of the world does without (2 cars in a family), realizing how much i take for granted getting to hop in and drive somewhere pretty much every day. we embraced the challenge by deciding to take a walk to the local shopping center … it crosses a busy highway and we’ve never walked there before. to top it off, it had been hailing that morning and was true spring weather: blue sky with areas of heavy dark clouds and occasional rain.

we loved our walk! maddie kept saying, “this is such a great adventure!!” we went to costco and got lunch, then walked through some stores. no rain and a great workout!


:: i am really looking forward to celebrating passover with our dear friends tomorrow night. i continue to realize the beauty and value in celebrating the feasts and holy-days that even our Savior celebrated … about passover specifically GOD said, “this is a day you are to commemorate; for the generations to come you shall celebrate it as a festival to the LORD – a lasting ordinance.” (exodus 12:14). i am so drawn to celebrating days that GOD clearly designed and created, not those created in modern times, often based on pagan traditions and rituals (!). ahh. a tough one.

(i love this post about celebrating passover as christians …)

:: our little man is ONE, which is amazing and bittersweet and totally awesome!! i will write soon about our time with family, and some of his exciting recent highlights. he is more fun every day, if that’s possible!

:: 2 of my sweet girlfriends are both almost exactly 8 1/2 weeks prego, and i am so excited. it’s been so incredible, to be chatting with one about her anxiousness – knowing TOTALLY how she feels, having been gripped with aching anxiety and hyper-vigilance while pregnant with josiah – and realizing how TOTALLY free i am from that this time. it stuns me, and i thank GOD! i didn’t think that fear grip could loosen. thank GOD.

:: it’s been a few intense weeks of homeschool decision-making … thinking through plans for next year, facing my own limitations and weaknesses, desiring madison’s best above all. perhaps i’ll share more details in another post? it’s pretty raw stuff but definitely the real deal. as i write this tonight, i have relief in my spirit as we’ve made a tentative decision that feels like such a good and right fit. YES!

:: i am 15 weeks pregnant!! wild! definitely wearing maternity clothes but still feeling like i look chubby more than prego. i am feeling better – tummy is settling! wahoo. i am super tired a lot but again, is that from still-sleepless nights with josiah!? lol. hard to say. i am SO EXCITED to feel this baby move!! i have my next appt at 16 weeks, then at 20 weeks to find out gender. yay! 🙂 i have no idea the gender … no feeling whatsoever. anyone? 🙂


3 Responses to “odds and ends …”

  1. Um, I have seen you and that is a full on baby bump belly girlfriend!!!

    I would LOVE to do Passover. Maybe next year? I’ve enjoyed Ann Voskamp’s blog this week and would love to mimic it!

  2. I slept for a full 12 hours last night, and it was glorious! Ha!

    You know what is kind of interesting about the pregnancy anxiety? I *definitely* still have it this time, but it is also much much less than last time with Lizzy! So I feel a little of both–that anxiety, but a little freedom from it too.

    • home2learn Says:

      mere, first … you are such a stinker, bragging on your sleep! LOL. YOU GO GIRL!! enjoy it while you can 🙂
      and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are feeling less anxiety … thank GOD.

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