one year!!

April 12, 2012

our little love bug is one!!!

our sweet little growing up boy … so many big changes and happenings, even in the past week since his birthday:

he took his first steps on his first birthday!! 

a couple timid steps early in the morning while hubby and i watched, mouths gaping … and later, more! 2, 3, a few here and there.  our big boy!!

he gave his first “goodbye” wave to papa at his birthday party! (the day before his actual birthday).

he was so happy waving! and he hasn’t stopped since. hee hee. now if he just hears the phrase “bye bye” on a toy or anything, his arm starts pumping. too dang cute.

he is obsessed with a picture of a “ducky” in one of his books and now is obsessed (grunts, squeals) for this book, then POINTS at every duck on each page. ask him where the ducky is, and he points … right at the duck.  if he hears the word “ducky” and “book” he looks toward his bedroom (where the book is). he knows.

it is WILD how much he comprehends … people, objects, so much … mention it and it totally registers and he knows.

ok, more fun highlights after some pics from his party …  

opening the door for guests arriving to his party!

here he is with "BUZZY" ... his *absolute* favorite toy in the world!

so i have to mention that this toy, nicknamed (by maddie) “buzzy” was literally the best second-hand purchase ever made! he hauls around so fast with this thing, and it is his undisputed favorite toy. well, ok … maybe balls are his favorite, but this sure rocks his world. and we can’t help but grin when we watch him dashing around all serious and focused with this thing. adorable. 

(darn it's blurry but his smile is so irresistible!)

so, the first cupcake … the first bite of sugar, really. and yeah, he totally loved it. inhaled and begged for more …hee hee.


center of attention!! 🙂

totally devoured


hugging his new bear ... aww

one thing that was SO special about this birthday party was the absolute giddiness of our little boy. he received every gift like it was the *most* wonderful thing he’d ever seen, giggling and hopping up and down and basically just making everyone in the room totally melt.

is there anything more contagious than the giddy joy of a baby??! i don’t think so! 

my sweet grandma called the next day to say how josiah’s party was the most wonderful birthday they’d been to in a long time … just joy and delight. we felt the same way – hubby admitted he was surprised, as he’d expected josiah to be sort of half-interested in the festivities and family and toys … but no, he was FULLY engaged, excited, happy and adorable.

so a few more one year highlights … 

:: he has specific and clear taste in what books we read before nap and bed. he used to love “goodnight moon” and “the going to bed book” but now those are OFF the list; he is very clear by writhing back and pushing the book away. he *only* wants the book with the ducks, and a toddler bible that my grandparents gave him. haa.

:: bedtimes and naptimes are going SOO good: for the past few weeks, i’ve been laying him down *awake* every time, no exceptions. we sit in the cozy rocking chair, read 2 books, nurse (at bedtime) and/or cuddle with a blanket and “paci”, i sing a song then lay him down. he rarely cries but is pretty happy with his animals and blankets, especially if maddie lets him sleep with “kirby”, the most beloved big bear.

:: he is eating SO MUCH these days! for breakfast he’s been loving a BIG bowl of rolled oats with some mushed sweet potato and banana and cinnamon. he has a snack after each nap. lunch is usually something “savory” (today, organic ground beef + brown rice + avocado w/some broth), plus applesauce. dinner is usually coconut milk yogurt (with cod liver oil!), and something else … perhaps a slice of whole grain bread, etc. he does have likes and dislikes with food, but nothing consistent … more like, if he’s tried something i’m eating that he wants, he’ll push away his food.

:: his vocabulary is expanding!! so far, pretty much everything has been some form of “daadaa”, with different inflections. “daddy” is pretty clear, but “daaduh” is diaper, “duhduh” is bird or dog or pretty much … a lot of things.  🙂 but he’s totally got the “nn” sound now so “night night” is “naanaa”. he babbles a TON!

:: he hasn’t stopped moving. for one minute. lol. on the go, constantly, and super happy … pretty much always.

:: bedtime is 6:30-7pm, preceded by a bath. he is awake for the day about 7am. he naps at 9am and 1:30ish pm, for about an hour each.  so, his schedule is really consistent. it’s the middle-of-the-night that remains a challenge (ahhh). last night was better, but i don’t even want to jinx it by writing it here. ha. let’s just say, we are still working on it. and hoping for awesome improvements, especially before his baby brother or sister arrives in FIVE months. !!!

he is such a total gift and blessing.

we love you, little man.


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