saturday sundries :)

April 21, 2012

:: it’s SO BEAUTIFUL out this morning!!! after a week (or many weeks?) of gray cold rain, it’s absolutely glorious! i am SUCH a weather person – realizing more and more how much my spirit and mind and body respond to the feel of the air, the light in the sky, the breeze. i have our windows open, sunlight is streaming in, and i just want to be outside!

:: this morning is maddie’s first volleyball game … ever! bless her brave heart, for (again) trying a sport she’s never done before. her first practice was thursday (2 days ago) and first game is today.  i went over some basics with her, and she is a little nervous – the unknown makes us nervous! but i am thinking that she’ll have another experience like she just had with basketball: huge learning curve, lots of nerves and ultimately the best feeling of accomplishment at having learned and achieved.

:: little man is *finally* falling asleep on his own! this has been a major goal in my mind in the whole sleep training madness. and i am thrilled that for the past few weeks, the efforts are paying off: he pretty much happily falls asleep on his own. in fact, the past few days he’s been restless during our usual cuddle rocking time before i lay him down, so i more quickly put him in his crib with his sister’s beloved bear (“kirby”) and some blankets. he doesn’t utter a peep and is sleeping happily when i check on him later. yay! now, if this will translate in to better nighttime sleep …

:: hubby is working harder than i think he ever has … days will pass where he spends 18+ hours/day at his desk, on his phone and computer … skipping showers, sleep.  he is under *intense* pressure. i am desperate for GOD to bless  his efforts in overwhelming ways!! i miss him. and i am *so* thankful for him and his faithfulness to following the path GOD has set before him, being led daily and having our manna needs supplied, always just in time. phew.

:: i think i felt baby green bean move!! wednesday, april 18 … laying down on the couch, hand on my belly and i felt a pop/push feeling … waiting, feeling and then again a sudden little kick(?) or was it a gas bubble?! at that moment, i felt pretty certain it was the baby. i lay there grinning! i haven’t felt anything similar since, so we’ll see … i was 19 weeks before i felt josiah, and i am 17 weeks with green bean so anytime i’ll be feeling more. yay yay YAY!

a word that’s been encouraging and challenging me this week:

“finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble.” (1 peter 3:8)

have a beautiful weekend, friends!


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