lapbook: project complete!

April 27, 2012

our lapbook experience (again) proved totally awesome. this style of learning suits madison so well: creative, holistic, using different learning mediums to gain a deeper understanding. i love it, too!

i decided to change things up a bit with schooling last month. we were in a bit of a rut and maddie had been asking to learn about volcanoes, so i found this great resource. we’d done lapbooking before – primarily character study units. it’s incredible how many different areas of learning are offered just in this one lapbooking site. we had a hard time picking just one!

i selected the “volcanoes” unit study, which included learning about earthquakes and tsunamis as well. i printed the “schedule” which ended up taking three weeks to complete. the schedule and information offered served as a jumping off point for me – i wanted to dive a little deeper and provide a bit more of a challenge for madison. in advance of the study for the following day, i found information online about the subjects we’d be learning. i saved the links for her reference the following day. we also went to the library when we started and checked out several books on volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis …  good stuff! the books and online sites provided additional opportunities for her to learn and research the material, which happened pretty naturally as we went through it each day.

{for those unfamiliar with the whole lapbook concept, basically you use the plain file folders and staple them together to form “flaps” that open and can be used to display various materials inside. super cool and simple.}

here are a few pics of the finished lapbook …


the cover


one of the "flaps" opened ...


the inside flap


the left flap


a (sort of) aerial view of the whole lapbook!

when we finished this project, we had a special evening set aside for madison to share all that she’d learned and done with hubs. the time “teaching” him actually ended up teaching her a lot more as my (brilliant) beloved had questions and inquiries that ended up deepening her knowledge of certain areas (despite occasional groans of protest – ha!).

here are some pics from that night … 




4 Responses to “lapbook: project complete!”

  1. I love it! As the years go by, I am just finding more and more reasons that I love homeschooling!

    I know your girl and this seems like such a fit for her hands on love for learning! (and you are so good to do those projects with her) I wish I would have known more about that when Regan was younger as I think it would have been a good match for him as well.

    I find that often life changes prompt us to change things up and many times we end up finding an option just as good or sometimes even better! I love how God blesses our desire and obedience to disciple our kids….he always comes through for us. Way to go Momma! And thanks for sharing your new ideas…I always love to hear what other Mom’s think of different curriculum.


  2. Connie Says:

    Awesome!!! Maddie did such a great job! We totally love doing lap books. They are such a fun way to learn. Plus they are easy to store and keep as memories of their home schooling days. Thanks so much for sharing. It looks like she had a great time doing the study. :0) Hugs, Connie.

  3. What a neat project 🙂 Next time you guys are up in Portland, you should call and see if the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver offers tours. I’m not sure whether they do, but MAN, I think Madison would love to see it!

  4. jaw123456 Says:

    I love lap books! And I so miss Maddie!!!! Please say hi from all of us! 🙂

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