updates and hiking adventures :)

April 30, 2012

i was so glad to have hubby home late friday night, after being gone all week in cleveland! i miss my man when he’s gone … which doesn’t mean i sulk and that we don’t enjoy our time with him away. we do and i am intentional about special adventures and moments, as well as making the most of having an open living space (his home office is in our living room!). but i am absolutely ready to have him back when he returns.  life is just better when he’s here.

me and my girl got all ready for his return flight friday night, as is our tradition! however, this time was a little less … enjoyable. haa. i kept josiah up past his bedtime and he was NOT happy during the ride to and from the airport, screaming at the top of his lungs. welcome home, babe. LOL (won’t do that again!).

beautiful girl got all dressed up!



on saturday, after maddie’s awesome volleyball game, we decided to check out the opening day of a local park up on the top of roxyann mountain. the park features zipline and various other crazy treetop activities!

the adventure was … interesting. i hadn’t thought through the fact that a park at the top of roxyann would involve driving up there and how would that work? we found out that we could only take our car so far, and then we could either take a shuttle or hike the mile up the gravel road to the top. on the way up, we took a shuttle. WOW. scary! the driver was busy looking at scenery far down in the valley below. maddie kept insisting that we were all going to die. i continued reassuring her while wondering secretly if she might be right. haa.

we made it to the top and ended up having a good time. maddie loved the activities offered and josiah wanted only to get on the ground and explore. unfortunately our boy who is a confirmed, 100% walker, refuses to wear his one pair of shoes that fit. he *freaks* out when we put them on, so he just had socks on … not the best for walking through the forest. so it was interesting trying to keep him from wiggling down and escaping!

we ended up opting to walk the mile down to our car when we left. (well, me and maddie preferred to walk and hubby reluctantly joined us, while reminding us how enjoyable it would be to hike down while carrying a wiggly baby – knowing the shuttle could get us there in seconds. LOL)

it was stunningly beautiful throughout …. a gorgeous, fresh spring day and the views of the valley were amazing.

here are a few pics …

where we parked our car to get a ride from the shuttle on our way up ...


gorgeous views!!


the hiking road 🙂



he LOVED this rope!!




fun to run in to some friends who were able to take a family shot!



maddie took a shortcut on the way down 🙂



heading down ... !


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