exceedingly abundant

May 9, 2012

a realization sank in to my mind and spirit saturday night:

you are known and loved.

i stood under an expansive evening sky, surrounded by thousands of worshipers, a smile glued to my face and i knew: He heard my prayers. and blessed me with this – not a need, but this mama-longing want that had been heavy on my heart all week.

let me rewind a few months …

madison and i were driving one day and heard on the radio that one of the biggest christian music groups would be coming to our small town in may. my girl has never been to a concert, and she’s increasingly interested in music and especially performing and yet hadn’t experienced the *wow* that a concert provides.  in that moment, as we drove and listened to the announcement, i told her that i would take her. after all, the tickets were pretty cheap, it was months off and i would figure it out.

months passed and suddenly it was last week. the pocket of money we’d had that could have covered the tickets – this “want” – was gone. i began scrambling in my mind to figure out how i could do it but i didn’t have a peace about it and knew ultimately that it couldn’t happen.

and yet, this longing remained. i so wanted to take my girl on a special date, just her and i … have a memorable experience, especially one that meant an awesome corporate worship experience. i wanted this so bad – one of those rare times when it’s almost palpable, the focus and desire on something you are longing for … crazy.

the week passed and friday morning, the day before the concert, i was tempted to vent to my hubby. i wanted to share with him the burden on my heart; how disappointed i was that i’d told maddie we’d be going and yet it wasn’t going to happen.

but i had this total spirit check – a very clear prompting to not burden my hubby with this (working his tail off, why would i add to his load?!). instead, i knew that i needed to trust. i knew that i needed to trust and pray alone to my Father, and then accept the outcome.

so i did.

maddie and i were driving later that afternoon and heard on the radio that one of the singers from the concert would be at the mall on saturday, signing autographs. maddie asked if we might go, and i said we could … if we didn’t get to go to the concert, maybe this would be a small treat anyhow.  the radio host mentioned that there would be a drawing for free concert tickets as well – cool!

we talked about how much we wanted to go to the concert and i was honest with her, and said that i was praying that GOD would make a way.

saturday came and we went to maddie’s volleyball game in the morning. i thought about the ladies’ tea being held at our church that afternoon – the ladies in my family had been planning to attend together, only to learn that the tickets were sold out. bummer. i thought about the concert that night, about how the clouds had lifted and it was a gorgeous spring day, perfect for the concert. bummer.

i determined to choose contentment and focus on the small, sweet blessings that the day held.

that afternoon, we went to the mall to see matt maher. the crowd was small and we ended up staying only a few minutes. on our way out, i asked a lady if they were having a drawing for concert tickets. she gave me a piece of paper and i wrote my name and number down.

one hour later, i got the call: we won! four tickets! i couldn’t stop laughing and screaming  … blown away!!

maddie and i were ecstatic and thanking GOD. we’d read in devotions just the night before about miracles and she said to me, she has now seen a miracle! we realized that if we’d gone to the ladies’ tea, we wouldn’t have gone to the mall and wouldn’t have signed up for tickets.

amazing miracle. abundant blessing.

the night was incredible. things just kept getting better. we left a happy, sleepy josiah home with daddy and were on our way. we arrived at the amphitheater to discover parking was free – sweet! we had brought blankets and were prepared to have lawn seats … and yet when we picked up our tickets at will call, we had reserved! and not just reserved, but the FIFTH ROW!! oh my word!

the concert exceeded my expectations. the music was incredible; the heart-sharing between songs by the artists was inspiring and encouraging (just the words this mama needed that night); and worshiping together with thousands of others, arms and hearts raised, was glorious. and being in the fifth row meant that we were not just watching the concert but really felt like we were in it.

we laughed, we sang, we enjoyed every single minute (and maybe we lost some ability to hear! it was pretty loud – hee hee).

this is so much bigger than a concert for me … this is a reminder, in the craziness of life, that my {silly} prayers to my Father are heard. He loves to bless His children.

His word says, “delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.” (psalm 37:4)


“are not two sparrows sold for a penny? yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. and even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. so don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” (matthew 10:29-31)

a family self-portrait as maddie and i are about to leave!

date night with my girl! we are ready to go 🙂

{a very cool PS: as i mentioned, we were given four tickets. i thought of my sweet friend, meredith, who had mentioned wanting to go to the concert with her hubby but having similar budget constraints. she immediately came to my mind when i got the call that we won tickets, so i called her and offered the other two tickets. they were able to find a babysitter last minute for their girl and they came! it was SO awesome, squeezing in to our seats next to them, sharing an awesome night. meredith has an *awesome* blog and did the COOLEST post about the concert, including fabulous pictures!! check it out 🙂 )


One Response to “exceedingly abundant”

  1. It has just been amazing to think about all the ways that God was working before, during, and after that concert. I’m sure it wasn’t only for you and me! But really, what a BLESSING to so clearly be able to see God working and providing in our lives! Thank you again friend, truly!

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