presentations :)

May 12, 2012

this has been presentation of learning week! yesterday, maddie presented a science experiment project to a group of homeschoolers at the home of michele, our dear “e.s” (educational specialist). maddie did a really good job – she spent a lot of time preparing and gave her speech from memory, even projecting her voice and smiling 🙂 proud of my girl for improvements being made.

maddie and michele 🙂

and this morning, it was our turn to present a country to our homeschool co-op group. we had selected france months ago, and spent time this week researching. it was *much* more low-key than when we presented tanzania in the fall (and spent many MANY hours researching and preparing). i just am not in the space for that this week, during this season … so i lightened up on my expectations, decided we’d meet at the park instead of our home, and it was lovely. totally lovely, sharing what we’d learned and just being together.

here are a few pics of my sweet precious ones this morning at the park …

don’t let his deliciousness fool you 🙂 he made our presentation time quite interesting as he was not about to hang out in mama’s arms while we presented … he had to get down!!



she says, “give sister kisses?”

a full, beautiful week of learning … and yes, this mama is ready for summer! hee hee

{it is interesting, this juxtaposition: carrying forth with daily life and learning and the realities therein, while holding this wondering about big financial questions hanging for us right now. as i’ve shared, our lives have been feast or famine since we took the leap and left our “real” jobs nearly three years ago … and right now, a number of specific things have not come through the way we anticipated and hoped. conferences, projects, events … all happening but more slowly or with significantly less up-front profit. so, i am believing and choosing to trust; hubby is working about 20 hours/day … looking for a miracle soon! and through this, babies need feeding and laundry needs washing and meals need cooked and presentations must go on. so, it does and they do and GOD is good, through it all. }


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