it’s a …

May 17, 2012


we are blessed and thankful … the gift of another son.

the image of our son’s spread legs and very clear gender were seen right away! the rest of the ultrasound was spent looking at the beautiful, amazing work GOD is doing in knitting this precious life together. everything the ultrasound tech was checking for looked “perfect” and i thought, what a GIFT.

yes, maddie’s face fell when she learned she wouldn’t be having a sister and certainly that would have been exciting, but i lay there realizing how many women long to be laying on an ultrasound table, seeing images of the life of a son growing within them. it is GOOD.

so now, we must think of names! it’s really hard this time. we have a few we like but not sure if we love any just yet. we have an abundance of baby boy clothes and things so that is hugely wonderful!  i continue to be reminded by family and friends how special and wonderful the relationship between these boys will be, so close in age as they grow up.

it was wild talking with the doctor about dates of his birth … remembering that my water broke with josiah at 38 weeks, just 18 weeks away!?! incredible. this pregnancy is flying by.

here are a few pics hubby took on the day of the ultrasound – technically 20 weeks, 1 day prego …


8 Responses to “it’s a …”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    Gorgeous Mama 🙂 Glamour pix!
    Tell a little man I said he’s beautiful in there!

  2. jaw123456 Says:

    Friend! You are always amazingly gorgeous…and I must say that these photos of you with child, are even more stunning! I am so happy for you and your family! Thanking God with you and celebrating HIs miracles!

  3. You look amazing! So exiting 🙂

  4. Patty Says:

    Congratulations emily! Miss you!

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