diminishing technology

May 23, 2012

it’s interesting that my access to technology has diminished significantly recently. interesting because i had been feeling some conviction about the distraction that the laptop computer presented during my days – open and ready for me to send that quick email, check facebook, read a favorite blog, do some quick research. all good things that all added up … so i’d thought about trying out having some designated times to do computer work and otherwise not go there.

well, the decision was made for me. 🙂 last week, our laptop died … which was “my” computer for the most part. our main home computer also serves as hubby’s work computer which he uses nearly round-the-clock.

and right before the laptop died, my texting capability in my cell phone died. major bummer! i confess that i love the convenience of texting; love being able to send a quick note to a friend without the angst of knowing i don’t have the time for a long convo. but alas, until we can afford a new phone (mine is a very old school model with a button that won’t depress any more to access texts) i will not be texting.  i can still hear the texts coming in but can’t read them or see who is sending. double bummer.

so, in the span of a couple weeks, i am basically computer-less and text-less. as much as i miss these things, i think this is a good season of slowing down, focusing even more on HERE and not being as distracted as i’ve been.

that said, it will be fab when we can get another laptop and cell phone for me! lol. when GOD provides. until then, contentment is my goal.


One Response to “diminishing technology”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    LOVE that picture of contentment, here- and-now, with the things that will matter 100 years from now.
    I tend to get distracted, too. Have to constantly weigh what’s “healthy” re-computer time vs real life time… and they do interact some, which further “fuzzies” that line.
    May YHWH richly bless you & your family through this “down time.” 🙂

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