thankful for …

May 28, 2012

:: an incredible night with my beloved … some much-needed alone time, connection and unity. love that man!

:: madison enjoying a fun sleepover at her friends’ house, and

:: knowing these friends are a safe, wonderful place for my girl to spend time

:: josiah’s best night of sleep ever!! he went to sleep at 7:30, woke once around midnight and fell quickly back to sleep w/some rocking (no nursing, first night of his life without breastfeeding!) and stayed asleep til almost 7am in his crib.

:: the fact that all of the above happened on the *same* night!

:: hubby cleaning out the car for me today

:: a fabulous time at the local railroad park this weekend celebrating our friends’ little man’s birthday

:: the kindness and generosity of these dear friends

:: the beautiful mama-friends in my life who love me unconditionally and offer such true friendship and support

:: getting my boy a new pair of much-needed shoes today!

:: that he already goes and brings his shoes to us when we ask him to go get his shoes!

:: hubby taking our little guy on a walk nearly every day

:: realizing that seasons of want and lack and need make us so much more appreciative of seasons overflowing with plenty



3 Responses to “thankful for …”

  1. jani Says:

    I feel like it’s Thanksgiving after reading a post like that! So thankful with you. xo

  2. Leaves Heal Says:

    Praise YHWH! SO happy to hear all of that!!! Loving the sleep for you– just GOOD! Hugs, Emily!

  3. Mike Green Says:

    It’s such a blessing to be married to you and hear your heart in these words above and feel it next to mine as we share these wonderful life experiences together. I love you, woman.

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