the perfect {birth}day

June 15, 2012

i celebrated my 37th birthday this week and it was, honestly, one of the sweetest birthdays i can remember.

one of my dearest girlfriends commented today, so beautifully, that it wasn’t the material gifts or things that made my day so wonderful … it was the peace in my heart.  peace that cannot be bought or sold; sweet, abiding, grateful peace.

the day started with my precious daughter blessing me with some of her amazing handmade creations: earrings and rings! they are so awesome. plus, she bought nail polish to give me a mani/pedi. how fabulous!

we headed over to our favorite local art-eclectic town in the morning for a photo shoot my hubby had (he is being featured on the cover of a magazine next month! so wild and fun). the photo shoot was at a neighborhood coffee shop … so the kids and i got a yummy drink and strolled for a bit. it was one of those *glorious* weather mornings … sunshine, blue sky, fresh summer morning air …

my pretty girl as we strolled …

i am realizing how much lack or a wanting for something, makes my appreciation that much deeper and sweeter when i do get that experience or that opportunity. 

i have been longing for a day in ashland with my man, ever since the sun came out a few months ago. there is no one in the world i enjoy being with more than him – we *LOVE* walking, talking, holding hands, drinking a coffee, people-watching, exploring, laughing. being with him, just hanging and piddling, is the BEST. and so when i thought about what i’d like to do on my birthday, i knew that spending a day in our favorite little town, having a picnic with my little fam, sounded ideal.

and throughout the day, we all kept saying, ‘this is perfect!’. even madison kept commenting on what a special, perfect day it was.

oh! so after the photo shoot, we headed up to lithia park. we pushed little man in the stroller, and literally strolled … ending up at the playground, where they had a blast. josiah is just starting to “run loose” at the playground (with us on his tail!) and he is loving it! it was glorious.  josiah and madison loved playing in the creek!






josiah loved the creek! he kept saying, “waa-wer, waa-wer!”



maddie loves this big climbing apparatus!

after plenty of park time, we decided to go get some food … so we went to the local organic market and picked up some fun picnic items. i’d packed watermelon, grapes, chicken salad; we bought some fun crackers, cheeses, salami, cookies and drinks. fun treats! it was waayyyyyyy past josiah’s nap time at this point and i was hoping he’d fall asleep just before we wanted to eat, so we could enjoy a peaceful lunch. and he did!! completely sacked out in the car, and we found the *perfect* picnic bench under some trees, near the creek, way up in the park. he slept the entire time we ate! it was idyllic – perfect temps, breeze, creek flowing, yummy food and my favorite peeps.

our little picnic spot




handsome guy 🙂


he woke up, hungry!


so thankful for a sweet passerby who offered to take a pic

after our picnic, maddie and i wanted to go do a little browsing at our favorite store in town. mike decided to stay at the park with little man, and they had a lovely walk from the top of the park all the way back down to the play area! we met them back at the park a bit later.

on his stroll with dad … what a view!

it was time for the fun to end … we spent nearly the entire day and it was absolutely amazing. a little day trip, just 15 miles away. 🙂



(check out the fabulous hairpiece maddie bought herself on our little shopping trip!)

the fun didn’t end there, though. we headed home for a little rest and then went to my mom’s, who was hosting a family birthday dinner! SO much fun. take-n-bake pizzas, decadent cake, and some of the most generous thoughtful gifts *ever*. i actually cried when i opened the gift from my mom – a gift certificate for a haircut and color. it’s been *years* since i’ve had my hair professionally colored and nearly a year since i’ve had a haircut. i’ve been wanting it but it’s not been in the budget, so it is such a treat. (my grandma laughed and said, “pregnancy hormones!” when i cried. for sure! lol).

i am deeply thankful for simple pleasures, for the amazing love of friends and family, for a beautiful day spent with my favorite people. 


3 Responses to “the perfect {birth}day”

  1. jaw123456 Says:

    It does sounds like the perfect day…. Beautifully said my friend. Wishing you many more happy days filled with peace, beauty and sweet family times! xo

  2. Leaves Heal Says:

    Soak in the wealth 🙂

  3. Happy (belated) birthday Em! What a great day!

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