the new ‘do

June 17, 2012

as i shared in my last post, my mom gave me the *best* birthday gift ever: a gift certificate to get my hair cut and colored! it’s been years since i’ve had it done well, professionally. i pretty much wear a “bun” every day – hair is always pulled back because it’s easy and cool. my roots were so grown out, the ends so scruffy … overall, it was in pretty bad shape. total blah hair. 

i decided to go for it yesterday at the salon! maddie kept encouraging me to do something drastic, to cut a lot! lol. (i know hubby was holding his breath but he was gracious and encouraging).

i’ve had a picture on our fridge of me and my man, taken maybe 5 years ago, and every time i see it i think, man i love my hair there! so, i brought that pic as “inspiration” for the stylist.

she looked at the picture, then at my hair and said, ‘so i am going to cut at least 6 inches, is that ok?’ GULP! i nodded and said, ‘ok! let’s do it!’

i am pretty stoked with how it turned out. she did such a good job on the color! and the cut is drastic but good, i think.

here are a couple “before” shots hubby took as i was leaving … 




long and shaggy


and after!!





4 Responses to “the new ‘do”

  1. krystlebowen Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! You look stunning! It frames your face beautifully, and you are rocking that belly! It’s awesome!

  2. jani Says:

    It really does look good! Makes you look younger and more energetic! 🙂

  3. Leaves Heal Says:

    Beautiful Mama 🙂 Love the shirt 😀
    Hair’s cute, too 😉

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