25 weeks pregnant

June 19, 2012

i realized that i’ve posted so little in this space about this pregnancy … such a contrast to my near-constant thoughts and focus on my pregnancy with josiah! such a HUGE difference overall, not just in this little space but in the daily living-ness of pregnancy this time around.

and honestly, it’s a welcome relief! but, i feel like i also don’t want to *miss* this time, have this pregnancy fly by so quickly without stopping occasionally to notice and focus and savor.

this sweet blessing.

and so, some highlights and notables:

i am feeling baby move a ton! very similar to josiah. he moves morning, day and night. i feel him more down low and sometimes alarmingly low, like … WOW, yowch! mike has felt him several times.

i am in that nice in-between time when i am *totally* over the blah-queasy-yucky and not yet totally big and uncomfortable.

but i do feel big! and i am bigger than i was at this point w/j, sure.

i have gained 24 lbs – another yowch! i think i gained 35 max with j so i am hoping that the weight gain sloooooooooowwws down a bit.

i no longer have any specific cravings (the mexican food frenzy has subsided) and pretty much have my regular taste and appetite.

no swelling yet … well, unless you count my double chin. lol.

it is getting interesting to hold/rock/nurse josiah, as my belly grows. this evening i sort of moved his little body down and around the big belly bulge as we rocked and cuddled. should get more and more interesting i imagine!

i haven’t had nearly the braxton-hicks contractions this time, but i’ve had some of those crazy sharp “side stich” pains that are the worst for a  short minute. (but they don’t scare me and i don’t go to this, ‘what if?’ crazy space. i just know they are normal, growing pains.)

we are having the hardest time with a name! we talk about it so much and each will offer a name when one “hits” but there hasn’t been that ONE that we both love. it’s so hard! i am hoping we come across something soon and make a decision.

i cannot believe our son will be born in about 3 months! really, that is SO SOON. i am trying to really appreciate the “quiet” moments i have now … and they are few and far between. hee hee. but right now, for instance, josiah is sleeping … madison is at a friend’s house … and so i have some down time. that is going to change dramatically when little green bean arrives! it’s a LOT to wrap my mind around so i’m opting instead to focus on the blessing … on the gift and the fleeting season this is and will be AND how totally in love i am going to be with this new precious gift.



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